Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Goodies

One of my favorite projects in Rift, my 'Stranger Things' dimension. And now a favorite new mount!

I wanted to do a Halloween guide for all the cool events going on but it seems this year it has been hard to pinpoint some of the starting dates. By the time I actually got all of the dates it might be a bit late and not really worth it. Instead I thought I'd just point out and share a few thoughts on what is happening now, at least what I've had time to check out along with a few other interesting bits.

DBG I think was the first out this year with some of the longest running Halloween events. EverQuest was the first real event for any holiday I took place in, oh so long ago. I may just run an alt around to do some of the older content, like the skeletons and werewolves that spawn randomly in the commonlands. It was so awesome back then. Since then they have added a plethora of things to do as well as illusion costumes and candies. I stock up every year, lol. Read more about Nights of The Dead here.

EQ2 also has NoTD, though I don't know which one was named first, I don't remember any announcements or names back when the first game released their 'event'. EQ2 has added, and keeps adding, so much to each holiday every year, this year has several cool new additions. There is still so much I want to grab and craft, plenty of time thankfully! Very glad they released these events early, it makes fitting in things so much easier when there is so much you want to do, much appreciated. There are some old Halloween items in the shop from past years, I think we'll probably see more soon? Even if we don't there were many new items this year that are easily obtained from the event. If you have not checked it out, it is one of the best events for the season. Read more about it here.

Oh! And if you haven't seen yet, the new xpac is up for pre-order! More info here. Massively  has been hard on them lately, but they're still pumping out content, events and expansions like... clockwork, heh. ... And with the CE you can get a level 100 claimable trade skill boost. No reason to NOT get that epic done for us lazy people. It is hard to resist the CE for me, I think I've gotten the last few over the past several years and with many things like the housing, crafting recipes and cool mercs on each char, it really always gets utilized. I always want the EQ2 expansion for my birthday these past few years. There is a really cool pre-order illusion too, Bhagpuss has a nifty post sharing it.

You can get a peek if you check out the live stream in the link above, I am excited about this expansion, it seems a nod in the right direction. A real EQ vibe from the PoP era, which is one of my favorite expansions, I actually raided through those zones when they were current, a nice bit of nostalgia there. There will be some newly inspired areas like the magic plane, all in all very excited. I wish they had shown more of the zones, but I loved what I saw. The team looks to really be trying hard to include all play styles and be alt friendly this expansion, it also includes all of them in one for this purchase, a nice deal. I am looking forward, I think the team is trying hard to keep people happy and playing and still keeping things interesting.

Rift hasn't started anything yet, no word that I have heard when. I thought they started events earlier usually. Maybe soon? I always like this one, there is some stuff to do, and I look forward to it. New costumes, dimension items , masks and nifty stuff to collect. I watched the RIFTstream which showed some previews of the costumes and new dimension and I liked what I saw. Top notch stuff from the art team! They also have a spooky new power pack, which is an awesome deal. For twenty bucks you get a mummified squirrel mount, it is fantastic looking, twenty dollars worth of credits, some charges, and fifteen days of subscription time. Very good deal. I really like these power packs. Now we need the event to begin!

GW2 has a spooky mount pack out, not a bad deal as you get them all in a bundle. There is also a free item for grabs, one Hallows Fortune Fireworks bundle. It is fireworks... So if that is your thing, grab it. Also Shadow of The Mad King is live now. The maze and the other events are back. I popped in and found some people to tag along with in the maze. There is a race there too, I came in 4th after running into a wall, WTG me. It was pretty fast and the mobs will knock you off your mount if you get too low on health, I found the raptor to be pretty good at avoiding them. I was ahead in the pack but tried to stay a little back as not to be hit as much. Fun and pretty quick, unless you get knocked off your mount. After that I couldn't find the 'zerg' and ended up logging out to do more another time. There are a few new items to collect like pets and such, some really cute ones, for candy corn cobs.

SWL also released their event, Samhain 2017. I never took part in the past, I always wanted to but I just never got around to it. You get a login gift every day, there is an investigation (don't follow old guides I've read), which I need to figure out where to start it. You also get a snazzy Geist Rider for logging in! That is a really nice gift, I love it! I killed Jack once so far, it wasn't too bad, I lived. There is one part of the fight where you hide behind the tree and that is easy enough. I am very low level still got the rewards, so I was happy. You can do it once an hour, though the first time a day will give the best rewards, two bags. I took a ton of screenshots, only to find I thought I did and was hitting the wrong button. But there is one I did manage to take after the crowd left. Love the music in this game, it is always refreshing to login and hear it, one of the few I don't turn off the music for and actually listen to, it suits the season.

What's your favorite event? That's all for today. Safe adventures!

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