Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Just a quick post before the little boils and ghouls come to the door wanting candy. This week I've been hopping around checking out a few Halloween events in my favorite MMO games. That and watching Stranger Things 2, which is so great, it just keeps getting better and better.

I didn't expect to spend as much time in SWL but they have had a really cool event with a public raid every hour, with tons and tons of cool costume items, pets and mounts to collect. Love it! It is easy to get into to catch and if you get a duplicate you can sell it and buy something else you don't have, especially if you're strapped for time. Anyone can participate, the level scaling works wonderfully, really a very enjoyable event.

I was really impressed with the amount of items available, I know next year there will not be as many but I do look forward to all the holidays in this game! I even got some levels and progressed through some new areas I have yet to explore. Enjoying the game in little burst here and there. Very well done event!

Rift finally released their event, all the familiar things, an instant adventure, some daily quests and so on. Some cool stuff in the shop to collect with money or in-game currency. SO many nice holiday dimension items! I spent Sunday night entirely decorating, lol. I was tired from a weekend garage sale and this was a great way to relax. My only beef with the event is that lock boxes hold the coolest items, masks, the new broom mount and the raven wings. I won't really spend money on those boxes, Rift has the WORSE lock boxes, full of junk items you don't want a lot of the time. Hugely disappointed in that but not going to let it ruin the event for me, in the end they got way less from me than previous years because I am not playing the lock box game this time.

If you play and you are looking for some Halloween Dimensions please stop by Greybriar and check out my two: Stranger Things and The Upside Down. I even have one called Nightvale but it needs some work. Say hello also if you like, I'll be on Anjealous when I finally get on after handing out candy. Or share in the comments if you have a Halloween themed house in any game, I LOVE to check out other players houses. Have a Happy Halloween!

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