Thursday, October 12, 2017

Eye Candy: Norrath

Some shots from EQ2 and one from the older sibling, EQ. This pic is of the new Mara Estate, which is a lot of room to decorate! It is a reward from the weeks of summer event, one of my favorite housing areas, it is like having your own little village to decorate.

Something spooky going on in Antonica. The annual scarecrow meeting perhaps?

More of the Mara Estate. And this cool mount is one of the holiday mounts you can trade candy corn for!

Scoping out graveyards in the Hedge Hollow Maze. I just love all the Halloween based things to do! Even more this year!

Black cats hissing on the streets on Freeport. I want a hissing cat pet.

New spider familiar from this year from grave digging, so much to collect and do!

Grave digging, sometimes it wakes the dead...

Plants vs Zombies! That's my easy set up. I love this instance.


A spooky scene.

Just passing by.

Hunting skeletons for candy.

And I popped into EQ with Dire to get a level. I need to play EQ more with him this week, I wish he would play EQ2 also, maybe one day. At least we can play this together!

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