Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Musings

Halloween is over in most games but Rift still has a day or so left and I have been messing around with that a little bit. There is a lot of cool stuff for decorating dimensions, I'm trying to grab up what I can. All in all it isn't much different from previous years but there are a few more goodies to grab. Next month there will be the Christmas Holiday, I do hope it releases earlier than the Halloween one did. I find plenty to do in Rift still but there isn't a huge direction and amount of content these days. There is still that pull, I love the game and what it does offer, I do wish Trion would focus mostly on Rift, I don't see that happening though.

EQ2 is great at releasing holidays and so many so close together. I have not done much with the anniversary celebration, my sub lapsed and that is the main reason why. Besides doing holiday stuff I wasn't interested in doing the KA timeline on my alt. I am excited about the expansion. I hope the outdoor overland zones are bigger than the last expansion. It was such a small landmass and most the time you end up just doing daily quests in an instanced zone, not a huge fan of that. I would have liked to seen more for the preview live-stream too. Not much longer of a wait, as it releases at the end of the month. I am glad that this is one of those games where you can count on yearly expansions, it is still refreshing in an industry that has started to stagnate and bank off lock boxes and cash shops instead of expansion content. Even if those are there too, at least it is a little easier to overlook sometimes.

And I have picked back up on WoW. WoW has quickened up the pace with content this expansion, while not with expansions there is a lot of content in the updates. I start to think they go a bit far, now adding a planet? Overall there are lots of things to go after. I love the world quests, I also love how catching up of alternate weapons is so much easier now. I am playing on my lock and it has been fun to play all three specs whenever I want. I have gotten to see more of the demo spec and it is quite nice for world questing. There is just always something to do, much more so than the last expansion.

I am slowly working on flying, being gone and coming back has made things more refreshing, not as much of a slog after a break. I wanted to play the hunter at first but I sometimes can't get past all the changes in the mechanics from this expansion. I only play her on the side currently. I am having fun and Dire is playing too, so that is a nice bonus. I wanted to do some time walking dungeons this week but not sure if we will have the time.

The expansion news has been out and around the block. It seems decent, nothing earth shattering and it is still a long way off. I like the 'new' races but it seems that may be a faction gating objective. Not sure how long it will take to unlock those new faction races, I would like to have one though. Level scaling out in the world, sounds neat. I always thought I'd hate it but it can give the option to go back to older content and utilize it, which I always like. SWTOR in my eyes was more fun with this. I love going back to some of my favorite areas to quest. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

There is just so much to do in WoW, especially if you take breaks. I still want to work on my character on the AD server, but I figure I may as well get the flying achievement knocked out and then I can do whatever. It is going to be awhile, I am chipping away at the Suramar quests... that place gets annoying with all the stairs in the city and portals, just confusing. Overall WoW has a nice polish and a ton of content, I am really enjoying that part of it. Then as I fall or get stuck and I watch people fly over me, I wonder how long this is going to take me. I see shiny things and I run off, making the process longer. The past couple of days I try not to let much distract me. I will get there eventually!

Safe adventures!

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