Thursday, July 6, 2017

Adventure Log- 7/6

Over the holiday weekend I mostly played SWTOR, figuring the bonus 200% xp bonus would be great for starting up a new character. EQ also had a bonus weekend, but Dire wanted to play the new Diablo 3 Necromancer, so we ended up missing out on that.

I dabbled around on a Jedi Knight, then settled on a Trooper in SWTOR. I really like the class, very fun being ranged for a change as most my characters are melee. The story really ramps up and hands you companions faster than other class stories. I'm still pretty low, only at 25 or so, but it is a really fun class that I find myself looking forward to logging in and playing. Nothing like an xp bonus weekend to get you hooked back in!

I LOVE this robot companion!
There is a new operation coming out, I have no interest in it. Hopefully more story and daily content comes out soon. That is the draw to me, so much content I can go through and do solo or duo, that is the reason I still play and keep up with all current content story wise. Looking forward to more!

In GW2, which is simply fantastic for a hermit like me, I brought my ranger up to level 80. I am not a huge fan of these new 80 zones they keep coming out with, like the expansion, but I don't hate them either. I just miss the zones that I leveled through. I still have the option to run events there, which is really awesome. Love this game for the simplicity of doing things that feels organic and fun for the most part. Another game I just log in and see where my adventure takes me. If this game had mounts, I would probably never leave it, lol.

I got to try out the new druid specialization on my ranger and it is fun. Lots of healing, I can use a staff and it really changes the play of my ranger. I have heard the expansion will add more specializations to the classes, very exciting to hear this! I still have yet to do much with the necro, I have her new specialization set up and ready to try out, I just have been having too much fun on my ranger. I also want to level up my little mesmer and elementalist, ah the list goes on. Always a great game to level up through, some of the most enjoying leveling in any game would be in this one.

It is finally MINE!

I am so looking forward to Rift's 4.2 patch, Celestial Storm. I have been waiting for this new area and I hope it offers more to do at end game. I stated logging back in more, trying to farm some monies, and playing around with dimensions. I snagged a new one off the auction house, Alittu. It is one of my favorites, as it is the city in the new expansion. I love it! I was so excited to get it, I just don't know what to do with it yet. I am thinking it over. Not too much longer on the wait for new content, the 19 of this month. I hope the new area is filled with more to do, there is stuff to do, plenty, but not as goal oriented as I'd like when you compare previous endgame content. So, crossing my fingers there, as I miss playing Rift on a more regular basis.

Um, yeah... O.O
SWL, I put that on the back burner over the weekend. This week the game got a new patch which has better incentives for subscribing. They also have dungeons for end game it seems like and harder dungeons. All of which I have zero interest in. I thought this revamp/relaunch was supposed to be a shared RPG experience now instead of the same exact thing it was, which was, and still seems to be, an MMORPG. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a shared world. I thought maybe dungeons would offer solo or duo for story reasons. Not very excited over endgame being mostly dungeons. From reading, it looks to be the same exact thing it was just a new combat system. I followed other bloggers who played through that content and it sounded very unappealing to me, so now I wonder if I should really put much time in a game that isn't what I thought it might have changed into. I still plan on playing through the story, which I really enjoy! So it feels kind of jaded now, which makes me feel bad. Maybe there are other things to do casually, I suppose I'll find out if I keep playing.

Speaking of slower pace, I just kind of never logged back into EQ2 on the progression server. I need to, maybe a little tomorrow. For some reason it doesn't feel as exciting as Agnarr did for EQ2. Many different reasons. Which I do plan on picking THAT back up. But, maybe once Luclin releases, more options for leveling! The thing with EQ2, it seems as if without it locking somewhere, it is back to the direction to the top, where I don't really care to be currently as I didn't like the systems in the new expansion as much as I thought I would. Oh well, they can't please everyone, right?

I have too many games up on rotation these days. TESO, EQ, EQ2, SWTOR, Rift, GW2, SWL... It isn't as if I am bored, it is fun to change things up though. I do need to settle down to one or two, seriously. And now a beta to add on top of it all, one I have been wanting to try for a long time.

I got into Linden Labs Project Sansar beta as a creator! While I don't play Second Life much at all anymore, I look forward to seeing what the new project is all about. I loved creating things and places there, it was the main reason I played. I already had a peek into Sansar earlier. More on this once I check to see if there is an NDA, if not expect to see a post on my thoughts! For those that felt they can't find anything to take the place of Landmark, it could be something to scratch the itch, in a way, maybe. But... More on that as I get a real look. Until next time. Safe Adventures!


  1. I forget about Rift. It's a games I've played quite a few times but not for long each time, but I really have enjoyed it. I recently installed EQ2, figured I'd see if I could play long enough to get a max level toon. Depending on how that goes I may just give Rift another chance, maybe try to stick with it longer this time.

    1. Rift is one of my favorites, it has it's ups and downs. Development feels rather slow these days but there is a lot to do while leveling up and the current xpac went free recently so you can get all the way to the cap without having to worry about buying it. Beautiful game, lots of interesting things to do, I just we didn't have to wait so long for the last zone being added to the xpac.

      GL in EQ2, hope you enjoy it there, I love that game too. But I have not been too impressed with endgame there for years, which is why I don't play as much these days. I still seem to try out all the xpacs, hoping it will get better >.<

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