Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Little Things

Charming, eh?

SWL has turned out to be a lot of fun this far, everything is fresh and new in my eyes. I would think for someone who has played through the game it may not be as exciting. I am honestly not sure the game needed to be renamed, packaged and all that. While the other game still exists, but with no future updates, it still seems a lot to do for more of a revamp. I am having fun and getting to see more of the world, which I really enjoy. The creepy atmosphere just sucks me right in and while I have moments where I get fatigued, I still find myself coming back to see more.
The game isn't hard, it just requires attention, not so much a game to cruise control though, I wouldn't want to in this type of game though. I am learning some of the things about the game, what has changed was already long forgotten by me. There are some quests that require a bit of thinking, or looking things up on google when I start to groan and sigh. For instance there is a language you have to convert a message with, on circular patterns, clicking each symbol to spell out words. I don't enjoy those as much, but it always feels good when I complete them.

Creepy house, it is so haunted.

The world is not as full of players as I thought it would be. Maybe I am behind the curve at around 18. I see people, mostly at the central hub and less out questing around me. I don't read chat much as I get caught up in playing, nor have I had much interaction with people, so I can't say how this community is. I have had no issues at this point.

I suppose it is the interaction with the world and figuring out the stories that really is the draw for me here. It is unique and has a neat feel to playing and exploring. More on rails than most games that have offer more on the side of exploration, it still feels good. I think all the little details in the world help add to this. The game does fatigue me sometimes, as I mentioned before. Sometimes figuring things out or looking for a clue. And it isn't always a game I can just pick up while I have a minute, if I have some puzzle to figure out. That is the nature of the beast and I can always come back and pick it right up when I have more time. That and the action combat, it isn't hard, but it isn't as relaxing. I am having fun and it is a very cool game. I hope to stick with it to cap, we shall see.

Don't give me any backtalk, Bones, or I'll use this boot on you.

EQ2's new time locked progression server, Fallen Gate, released and I made a necromancer. I have had fun, I have also felt like pulling my hair out. It depends on the quest and the amount of people on. The server is full of people. I think I saw the least amount of people in Darklight Woods, but the rest of the areas I have been to are flooded with people. It wasn't that cool feeling I got from the EQ TLP, that was something wonderful. This just felt more like a clogged drain, waiting on the areas to thin out because the mobs don't spawn fast enough. People trying to nab quest mobs from me, tagging mobs as I was casting and so on. Some of the quests require mobs that spawn at night, with few spawns, which bottle necked me on a few, still at ten.

The joys of being a newbie, running around looking like a clown.

Level 10! For 14 days there is a special leaper mount available to anyone who hits 10 on this server. It is available to all your characters to claim, which has a boot kicking you into the air. Love it! It is so awesome, I had to get it! I can use it on all of my characters so I look forward to that. I plan on playing on this server but I may wait a week before doing more than putzing around, maybe the lowbie quest areas will thin out. Right now I need all the lowbie quests I can get, the gap in some zones is getting too high, while questing in one zone, as you would on live, you will be under leveled and not able to keep up as the xp on this server is much lower. I like it on the server, new adventures to be had though all my favorite content: All the levels below 100!

SWTOR has the Night Life casino event going. I had to have this dance pad (pictured above) and mic, if you click on them they have adorable animations! Really made my stronghold look cool. There might be a few more things I need to grab from it, it's here until about August. Plenty of time to grab what I want. I need to squeeze this game back in a few night a week, I miss playing. Hopefully more of the story comes out this summer.

Rift has a new update, Celestial Storm, coming out on the 19th, can't wait for that! There are some new areas, quests and all that. Sounds exciting, I have been waiting too long for this patch! It's all the little things that make things exciting, mounts that kick you with a boot, new zones to look forward to, dance pads and microphones, zombies and secret societies! That's it for today, safe adventures!


  1. You're not seeing many people in SWL because it's not really an MMO. It's a hub (Argartha) plus "playfields" which are capped at something like 10 or 12 players per instance. Even so I managed to get blocked on that same quest that was such a bottleneck at launch, the one where you deconstruct a device and if you get it wrong it spawns a mob that attacks you. If two people try to do it at the same time it always fails so you have to wait and I had to wait ten minutes for someone to finally get it right and move on.

    1. Wow, I didn't realize it was that low a number. That explains a lot. I haven't had any problems with quests at this point, nobody ever seems to be around. Thanks for sharing that!

    2. Ahh, I didn't know that either. I've seen that there are may people already high level.

  2. So the EQ2 progression server - does it start with the original release and then periodically release content in order of the expansions that were released?

    If so, what is the appeal of a progression server? Is it to experience the content before changes were made by expansions? I'm guessing it's for subs only?

    1. This one starts with classic, but all races and classes are available right away. Every three months another expansion unlocks. I suppose for me the appeal is something different. Not a huge fan of this xpac. Yeah, subs only. Most people want to experience what it was similar to when the game released.

    2. That's what I thought. I went ahead and reinstalled EQ2 yesterday and gave it a whirl. I've always liked the game, just been overwhelmed by the shear enormity of the content. I don't know this as fact, but the leveling seems a bit quicker, at least in the early levels.

    3. There is a lot to do, especially with the new expansion. I'm so far behind on all my characters. I think leveling is the most fun these days. Hope you enjoy playing again, there is so much content, I agree leveling feels father fast, you can't really complete it all unless you level lock. It's a good game, I just don't enjoy the direction the end game took.

      As far as feeling overwhelmed, just take one zone at a time! It's not as confusing as it seems once you start getting used to things.

  3. Is it to experience the content before changes were made by expansions? I'm guessing it's for subs only?

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