Monday, July 10, 2017

Rift's 4.2 Celestial Storm Hits Test

Rift's 4.2 Celestial Storm patch hit test realms today! As I have been eagerly awaiting this zone I hopped in to check it out. I didn't want to spoil too much, I got an interesting peek with some great pics to share. Just a quick once over of the zone and a few thoughts.

There is more story, more companions to travel with you through it, Asha being the main one you start off speaking to. The quest starts off with a letter/item mailed to you. You can run there, or teleport by using the quest item given to you, so no trouble at all getting to the new zone. There are a lot of new carnage mobs, a new hub/outpost. I didn't dally around here too much, but I assume it is the central quest/daily area once the story is done. The zone has different looking areas, it changes from dark to light, it is interesting and unlike the other zones in the expansion. I do like the contrast with the snow and orange.

So far it looks good. I don't know if it will offer a lot of content unless there are a boatload of daily quests that open up. I am hopeful there are lots of things to do though! As a very, very casual player my gear is nothing special, I had no trouble as a cleric with a heavy druid build soloing the mobs. There are elite type mobs out here too, no problem with those either.

This patch goes live on July 19. You can read more on what is ahead for Rift on this post @ The Ghar Station. Some shots I took along the way, enjoy!


  1. I reinstalled and played a few minutes of Rift over the weekend. I forgot how nice looking the game can be, even with it's aggressive bloom.

    1. Hope you're having fun with it! What server are you on?

  2. Awesome blog! Now In anticipation of a follow-up ….




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