Monday, November 7, 2016

Heroes' Festival

Mostly puttering around in EQ2 waiting on the expansion, decorating houses (WIP pictured above) and just goofing off in general with the Heroes' Festival. Good stuff.

One of the patchwork bosses around Norrath for the festival.
Rarity now to see one up, lots and lots of waiting on spawn times.

Doing some questing for the festival. I read some of this stuff is player made, which is also in the market place.

More waiting.

Yay, the Djinn is up!

Another shot of this lovely dragon. I just adore the patchwork stuff in this game...

Speaking of patchwork, there is an easy achievement for the 12 year anniversary to get this adorable winged lion mount!

So regal in the air :)

Visiting some old places for the repeatable anniversary quest.

I just love Unrest, visiting there and even the in-game housing is so cool because it has a lot of cool memories.

Karnor's Castle. Trains not included in this version :)

EQ2 is still a very pretty game.

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