Thursday, October 27, 2016

Creepy Things!

A creepy castle in EverQuest. Some shots today of my travels in EQ, EQ2 and Rift as well as Aura Kingdom.

A great mount for the Halloween season eh? Dire got this for me from an old raid, he got two actually and let me have the first one. I always wanted this mount! It is so neat, and very fast.

Checking out another zone we've never ventured into. A castle full of undead. We took a pause to see the skeletal musicians. Dire got a real kick out of these.

Dancing vampires, heh.

Looks like we arrived on time for dinner?

A costume in Rift. A bit tarnished on the game atm, I love the game but hate how all the cool stuff goes to expensive lockboxes with a low percentage of winning.

Things got a little messy....

Dire and I.

My mummy costume without the head slot equipped.

Nap time, sleeping like the dead....

Creepy stuff in Norrath.

The Hedge Maze.

My halloween-y living room.

A dining area I am working on.

Aura Kingdom Halloween stuff. Not much to do here for the event but there are a couple things to do.

I looove this mount!

Crawling through the Halloween daily.

Nothing creepy here just wanted to share a new pet.

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