Tuesday, November 8, 2016


With all the enthusiasm over the Skyrim special edition, I decided to load up my game and start a fresh character. I am not playing special edition though, just playing with several mods to improve visuals and a few fun things like mounts, pets and followers.  A refreshing game to hop into and just explore and wander around in.

This is using the Pure Water mod, it is really awesome.

Herman, a modded summon which is fully voiced. He is hilarious, could be immersion breaking for some but I get quite the kick out of him.

Nights are soooo dark!
Another mod for mounts, this one includes many at a stable, the fox being my favorite.


Wandering around town.

I should get some sleep....

Horses are really beautiful in this game, the movements flow well.

Random shot running about.

Resting and soaking in the scenery.

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