Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Weekly Travels

Back to EverQuest with my partner in crime, Dire. We decided to roll up some alts and just have fun going through old content. My name via the random name generator, heh. His is pretty funny for a monk!

I didn't think I would have fun but wanted to play something with the Mr, turns out I actually have had a lot of fun. Once I swapped out my beastlord for another rogue. I have three now, /boggle. I just really like the class. I dislike spell casting classes these days at the low levels. 

Illusions are always fun. She is a actually a halfling, they get a 5% xp bonus, and she gets another as a rogue bonus which is 9% (warriors get 10% bonus). The xp bonus is really noticeable leveling at the low levels. 

Taking a trip to Vex Thal, we saw it on the map and decided to enter. You must still need a key for it though, to get very far, which neither of us had.

Grieg's End. 

Halloween (NoTD) in EQ2. I need to be collecting more stuff but I have been lazy with it.

Ahh! You scared me! 

You look familiar.... Didn't we do this last year? Or was it the year before?...

Some new holiday crafted items, tons of cool stuff!

TESO has a Halloween event starting tomorrow, can't wait to see how it turns out. 

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