Monday, October 17, 2016

Spooky Stuff

The Doctor is IN! Some spooky and fun shots this week- Rift, EverQuest, TESO and Trove.

Some FNAF music seemed suiting today :)

Love this blood splattered costume in Rift, I just wish the mask had the option to use the face part and not have the whole head covered. My little pumpkin pet there, so adorbs!

Spinderella, LOVE this mount.
Doing the pumpkin boogie? Wanted a shot with my wicker/pumpkin man. Finally materials to make one!

Love anything with realm of the fae type stuff. This is the portal to the Autumn Harvest area, which is host to many lovely and whimsical fae creatures. 

Spooky! Get of the table! Bad pet!

A new dimension I picked up for the holiday season, outside seen here. Above picture is the inside which I am working on still.

Still a work in progress but the outside. 

My Twyl puppet, he's so cute! I love all the fae puppets but this one is the best.

XP train INC! Dire power leveling us with his SK.

I enjoy playing EQ with Dire, we have a lot of fun checking out old places and it is just so nice to play something with him again.

He'd pull the whole zone if he could....

Trove! Some creepy stuff going on here.

A nice shot from the air.

A pumpkin dungeon for Halloween in the distance. 

One of my favorite mounts.

Love this hair, finally some cool hair in Trove! It works as a hat, which comes with the mermaid costume.

Something spooky is in the air in TESO. A new quest chain which leads to farming bosses for loot.

I had no desire to roam around looking for bosses, so I camped the boss here. I wish random roaming Halloween mobs had been implemented, would have been more fun. Just seems a strange choice for a Halloween event.

At least the decorations were cool, outside the quest area here.

Hope you're having a fun time with all these events going on!

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