Friday, September 2, 2016

Postcards From Norrath

Some shots of EQ2 today. Still playing on the side a bit, I love EQ2 so it is hard to stay away for long. This shot is in one of my all time favorite zones, The Village of Shin. I would love to have a whole expansion with this theme, or even some player housing!

Another shot of Dire and I, when he did play last week.

A very interesting looking zone, one I stumbled upon and need to head back to eventually. That cat thing is a fluff pet, he is so neat isn't he?

The lovely guild hall we have.

A couple of guildies and myself. 

Lord Nagafen!

Nothing like a gorgeous sunset to end the day with!

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  1. I am dreadfully thankful to all of your team for sharing such motivating information.




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