Friday, August 5, 2016

Sour Grapes

It seems next week we'll be seeing invasions for the next pre-patch in WoW, as well as being able to play Demon Hunters if you have pre-ordered. Class changes have already hit, in the Pre-pre-patch... So today I wanted to talk about that, my thoughts on the pace of the content and some thoughts on what else I have been playing.

Players seem so bored, they're back to the isle... MoP content. Looking for Houlon. I know, I was one of them.
First off, class changes in WoW. The changes have pruned the classes down so bad that someone has made a GW2 ui for WoW. The classes have such simple, almost boring, rotations. I loved things in Vanilla and up until Wrath, most classes still had a unique feel to them. Now, I don't feel that so much. All of my characters feel.... underwhelming? Beast Mastery for the hunter class feels so clunky and puts me to sleep just thinking about it. There is just so much time of not doing anything, waiting to do something. I even tried Survival, which was interesting but it didn't feel like what I wanted to play. So here I am wondering what to play?

Shadow Priest seem alright, they are always in shadow form now. I like the changes but it is a far cry from playing the spec years ago, and still feels a bit off for me- though it has for quite sometime since around Cataclysm. I do like it better, some self healing thrown in there is nice. I keep looking for mind flay, but that has been removed, we now use mind spike as a filler. The unholy DK feels better, they have the ability to spec for a second pet, which is a ranged undead archer. That is totally cool, but I just wonder when that will be removed as well. Anything fun seems to get removed in due time. I like the changes to demo Warlocks, it is nice not having to  use demo form, but it also still feels clunky.

Maybe these changes will be better once we get our artifact weapons. I still wonder at designing classes around items, it doesn't sit well with me. Another thing I have been annoyed with is the breaking up of the patch, like we need so much time to swallow the class changes before an invasion hits. I'm a big girl, I don't need to be spoon fed content after being content starved for so long! Is this why the xpacs take so long? We need complete class revamps on every expansion? I've ranted about this in the past, it still bothers me years later. Mostly though it is the lack of content that bothers me. My account runs out before Legion hits and at this point I wonder if I will re-sub right away. You could call it burn-out... had I been playing this whole time, but I haven't. I have been waiting. I suppose it's just all a bunch of sour grapes for me at this point, I feel the cow is just there to milked at this point. I don't even feel excited about Legion, I pre-ordered it almost six months ago. I am looking forward to new content but not excited.

I need some uber heals... 

And the sour grapes continue.  In EQ2 I have been having fun. I found a nice family guild finally. One where I really enjoy logging into, and they are pretty active where some of the others just seemed to die off. I started a new coercer, which has been fun and different. It is a spin-off from the original EQ enchanter. Not as heavy on the crowd control and slowing (though we can do both), it is still great for mana regen. We can still charm mobs and this version of the class is able to copy a mob/npc/player and possess the essence for the duration you are in the zone where you charmed it. Fun stuff. Just a bit of flavor that makes the classes different here. So when I went to grab a marketplace healer merc, I noticed they were missing. I thought surely it must be bugged, those are the most popular ones!

Nope. They are all now retired, now you can buy useless Paladin mercenaries. Seriously, they are absolutely worthless to someone like me who likes to mainly delve into dungeons for many levels. I can't heal a tank, they don't last too long and it just is pointless to not have a healer. So I am quite boggled to why the company thought this was a good idea. I do have some mercs from out in the world, and the CE merc that heals from AoM, he is quite bad at times and some of these retired mercs are fantastic. So now I don't have the edge because I missed the announcement, that only lasted seven days. Sure I have plenty of them... on other characters. Who thought this was a good idea?! 

I am just going to stop now before this turns into a full blown rant on developers and poor decisions. Have a great weekend :)

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