Monday, August 8, 2016


Tomorrow Demon Hunters arrive in WoW, as well as demon invasions. I am pretty happy to finally be able to try out the DH class, and it will be nice to collect some cosmetic gear during the event. It will give me something fresh to do, so I plan on trying to enjoy it all, not rush through it.

Not much new on the WoW front. Logging in here and there getting used to different specs, trying to decide which character I will play as a main in Legion. I suppose I need to give the DH a go first and see how much I like it. All of these changes will take some time to get used to, some I like, some I really dislike. Why is my shadow priest always shadow? The toggle was removed, that's why! I don't understand why choices like this were completely removed. There is no longer a need to swap in and out of shadow form, I guess that is a big part. I do miss having the choice though.

Anyhow, not too much longer to wait, though I assume the servers will be strained and the, bursting at the seams, crz (cross realm zones) will make it a mad, crazy time to even try a DH. But I plan on giving it a go still.

In EQ2 I have been working on my Coercer alt, she's sitting in the mid 70's. I have been having a lot of fun on my alts. I am in no rush to even get to 100 on them. In previous expansions it has mostly been fun getting to the cap, from DoV on it was always great going through those zones, they were updated looking, quests showed up on the map, you felt pretty good going through the quests. I really had a good time overall. However, this time around, I absolutely hate ToT. I upgraded ALL of my gear to master crafted with my channeler and it is such a royal pain. The quest markers are gone in this expansion, so not only is it a pain to kill things, it is a pain to find them. If I am having such a time as a healer, I cannot imagine it as support class with a crummy merc. My elite mercs die in seconds, they can't keep up on the heals, neither can I helping them. Currently I hate it and it makes me just want to play my alts through old content as long as I can, and at the same time it makes me want to not play. I will end up sludging through it at some point I am sure, as EQ2 has always been a favorite game of mine.

So I am hoping I enjoy WoW more even though I have a lack of enthusiasm for things lately, I hope the expansion will be fun for awhile at least. For now the SH class and invasions should be a nice break. Sometimes I really hate changes when a game deviates from what you have come to expect, simple things like quest markers showing up on a map. /bangs head against wall

One of my buddies from the guild and I doing an old instance.

I wanted to break out of this house and build outside... But there is nothing outside! Even adding floors the house still gobbles them up and they disappear. 

What is he doing up there?

One of my favorite things about the coercer is that I can charm or copy anything to be a pet. Mooo! 
Lovely sunset.

Catching up on Norrathian history: The History of Solusek Ro.


  1. Are you having difficulty doing the solo questline for ToT? When I got ToT I ran straight out and starting killing things and it didn't go well so I started on the questline instead. After a slightly slow start things picked up speed nicely and by about half way through I was blitzing it. If you stick at it it gets much easier.

    I really like the expansion although it's quite small. I certainly didn't find it any harder to solo than Altar of Malice - easier in fact, since the ramp up at the start of that one is very steep until the new gear starts coming.

    Removing the quest markers is not a choice I'd have made but again it's something they've done in response to requests from the players, apparently. There was certainly an outpouring of positive affirmation for it on the forums at the time as I recall. EQ2 seems to be largely populated by long-time veterans with nostalgia issues these days, unsurprisingly, and a lot of the innovations of the F2P years aren't seen in a very positive light any more.

    1. Yeah, I've been working on the quests. I guess I'm getting a lot of adds too. The elite mercs seem almost useless unless on passive to heal. Upgraded all my gear beforehand. Maybe healers are a little harder to start with, I'm playing a channeler. I read some classes have a harder time out there, not sure what the issue is.

      I noticed people praising the lack of quest markers. I'd like to know what drugs they are on. I'm very disappointed by this change alone. I'll just have to wait until I can get some help starting quests out there from my guild. At this point, the expansion just felt like a huge change from what I like about modern day eq2.

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