Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Is Heating Up

Things are starting to ramp up with many MMOs this summer. Plenty to do, lots of summertime events going on, or coming up soon. WoW is releasing the pre-expansion patch today, some of the fun stuff, more on that in a bit. EQ2 has a time limited event server up, with some interesting loot. Rift just released a patch with the summer event, as well as Trove having a birthday with login rewards. I think SWTOR has some stuff going on too, but at this point my plate is overflowing.
 When Daybreak announced that EQ2 was getting an event server with rewards for completing achievements and goals, on the Race To Trackanon, I wasn't very excited. Add in a patchwork pony and my interest goes up, lol. You can grab one which unlocks as a claim for all your characters (and lets you fly at 35), simply by hitting level 10 within the designated time (you must be an active subscriber to play on this server). At the time of writing this that is about six days left, not including today. The mount is the Sunbright Clothwork Pegasus, it is totally awesome. I like ponies and rainbows though.

The server is slow, grindy and I saw plenty of people all over and a few bots. My guess is many were there for the mount as well. Even Bhagpuss got one! Rainbow ponies for everyone, woot! I wouldn't play there if it were not for that, I enjoy the game as it is and missed my mercs. Yep, no mercs. So gross leveling without my trusty mercs. I chose a Fury which was much slower and far more boring than I ever remembered in the old days. Xp rates are slower on this server and you start with nothing really. With the lowered xp rates you can't hop from quest to quest, you are facing a lot of yellow and orange mobs which drain the mana bar quickly and give quite a beating without much gear. It was much slower than I thought it would be, but within a few hours I had level ten and I can say good riddance to that terrible character I will never play again, ever. I'm waiting on Tinkerfest to roll around next week. Mostly I am leveling and working on crafting, doing some house decorating, fun stuff. I picked up an active guild, which just started up recently, on my paladin, they are a nice bunch of people, which make it interesting to have some interaction. I don't get groups much, even when in guilds these days, so it is nice to have some interaction.

I haven't dabbled much in Rift lately but Summerfest hit and I had to check things out. There a few changes to the cleric's druid tree and the mage's elemental tree. Lots of quests to log in to do, tons of cool items to work towards. I've been puttering about on my main, the rogue, which plays like a ranger/hunter with a pet with my spec, with some heals to throw in. Mostly I have been doing summerfest quests and working on housing. Rift is so lovely and the housing can turn out so beautiful, it's hard to stop, lol. I sometimes flounder on just what to do at end game, it just feels a bit lacking at times because I can't remember where what daily is where.

WoW releases the pre-expansion patch today, once the servers come back up. I'm glad it is finally released after this massive content drought. But invasions and the (pre-ordered) demon hunters are not being released until they decide (...). Which is feel is like spoon feeding players as if they are babies only able to absorb small amounts of content. Why not just release it all a month ahead so we don't have to RUSH through it all? It's a little over a month until the expansion, which just boggles me. However, I am excited that my bags will be empty since I can get rid of all this cosmetic gear, and it unlocks account wide! So happy about that change. I also am looking forward to trying a few new specs with my characters, this is a time where most of the specs I like are getting changes I am looking forward to (this doesn't happen often). Not sure if I will log in today or when the invasion hits, we'll see I suppose. Safe adventures!

Working on a new dimension here.

Frog's Abode on Faeblight shard. Still a work in progress but it mostly just needs finishing touches.

Little dining area

My fireplace which needs a few more touches



  1. I like the leveling pace on RTT. It feels just about right at low levels although I hear it really slows down after 40. My bruiser is level 12 now, and level 16 Scholar. I'll probably try to get him to 20 before he transfers when the server closes and he will definitely become one of my regulars!

  2. I suppose the speed wasn't as bad as running out of quests when I just wanted the mount, Lol. I was there for over reason, with a character I have no plans on developing, had to delete one to make it. It is a nice idea, lots of rewards to get, reminds me sort of Diablo 3 seasons in a way. I like the idea a lot, just don't have the time for it. It was nice taking part and seeing a fresh server!

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