Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eye Candy: Aura Kingdom

Sharing some shots from Aura Kingdom today! I caught some good ones ;) Pictured above is a capture from in-game fishing. 

I'm a pumpkin! Some daily quests from the daily board give you quests where you have fun/silly little objectives like sneaking through a creepy castle as a pumpkin.

I just love funny mounts like this!

One of my favorite Eidolons: Bealdor. The sometimes talk to you in game and his dialogue is quite funny. Recently he made a remark about a boss ripping my pants, lol. It was funny at the moment to see him pop out with that. 

My chubby mount, so cute and full of flair. And that little fox, I just love it! 

Main quest line for level 55, you need to finish this up before you can get your housing quest to pop up.

My house! You have to craft items for the house, which can add up $$. You have to craft to level up the house. But it is a fun alternative to do.

Back of house. I need to get some more shots after I decorate!

A pretty zone I was questing in. I saved the day, lol.

Killin' meanie baddies. 

My other favorite Eidolon Aelius. He doesn't die much, as he stands back to nuke and heals as well. 

Safe adventures! Have a great weekend. 

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