Sunday, November 15, 2015

Postcards From Telara

Some screenshots from Rift :)

Decorating one of my dimensions. I love how in Rift you have total access to all your alts dimensions as well. They all feel like they belong to me even when I swap characters. 

Jeeves finally looks like he should, (all the way on the right). Your personal butler/pet/companion. He's so cool! He was bugged for the longest time with his clothing not showing up correctly.

Questing on my mage, it's been years since I did much of anything on her. Been in the mood to play a necro.

My pet and I. 

Storm Legion had some really great zones, will be hard to go back to the Nightmare Tide underwater scenery, lol.


  1. I always get the urge to check out Telara once again.

    1. It's nice to go back, lots to keep me busy when I do :)




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