Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Beautiful Pixels

Shots for today include: Rift, WoW and SWTOR! Starting with a beautiful sunset in Rift.

A new dimension in Rift, up close. My oasis in the desert :)

Scrolled out some, I call this Castle Oasis. Love this build. The dimension is sort of bland but I think the castle adds a nice touch. I love building in Rift, it is much cheaper on my wallet than it was years ago. If you want to check it out it's on FB server.

Sometimes I like to stop and look around in my games, notice something pretty such as this cool tree.

Love the sky in Rift, it is always so dramatic and lovely.

Wandering around with my pet.

Logging into WoW's 11th anniversary. Logged back out shortly :( Nothing fun this year. Sigh...

My neutered companion and I. More on that in my next post- SWTOR companion nerfs. Ouch.

Running around with a lightsaber is too cool. Love my Jedi.

Are we lost? 

A vista in Hoth. SWTOR has some really fantastic zone art, massive scaled. 


  1. Why/how is building in Rift much cheaper on your wallet than it used to be? I ask because Mrs Bhagpuss enjoyed building there but stopped because it was ridiculously expensive. What's changed?

    1. It really was, one reason that I quit for a while was because of the cost. With the minion system items flood the auction house for cheap prices, and you can get a lot yourself with it as well. That and even the crafted iyems go cheap too now, even dimension keys are way down in price. It's also easier to make money now, at release it was tougher it seemed. Not a big money market on dim items, buy it's far nicer as a builder.

      She might be pleased at the change in prices if she checks back in ☺

    2. Items* phone replies are the worst, Lol

  2. Thanks for the info! I'll pass it on.




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