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I figured it was about time to give an update on my SWTOR ban situation. Lots going on lately, it's just taken me a bit to get this jotted down. Anyhow, here's the status and some thoughts on the game.

I finally heard back from support on my SWTOR account, in a late night email on October 28. None of my emails had been answered, it was the ticket made by the helpful CS rep, which was escalated, that seems to have gotten their attention. I don't honestly believe they keep up with the emails sent in, I think it is hit or miss with this company. If you do a little research about bans, it seems something that is a big problem with EA. They don't have the best track record when it comes to customer service and getting back to people who email the correct department, even though that is all they say they/you can do. That's my opinion after going through this whole ordeal of an accidental ban, no reason ever given as to why.

My advice, if you get banned would be to email the correct department, as I did- But check back with support on the phone, that may be just what gets you some actual help. Get a crummy rep? Try back another time, maybe you'll get someone helpful.

The email was short and without frills. I did send a follow up asking about additional time that was lost, which wasn't replied to either. However, I did notice though that the time was reimbursed. I received an automated ticket telling me about the help forums, that's it. This is what the email said:

Thank you for contacting us regarding the action that has been taken on your account.

We have now completed our investigation into your complaint. After reviewing your case, we can see that your concerns are valid and justified. We will take great care to ensure that this does not occur again in the future.

Thank you for your diligence in bringing this matter to our attention. As a valued customer, your feedback is very important to us.

Since I can't get a refund, I decided to check out the xpac, see how it is. Though every time I log in, I am always concerned about if anything happens, going through CS again just makes me cringe and that bothers me. It shouldn't be that way. 

So my time playing, this is really unlike many other MMO expansions I have played though. Not going to give any story spoilers, but I will touch on the changes to the game. 60-65 is all story. It really goes by quickly, I enjoyed it a lot, I didn't even notice I was leveling so fast. By the time I finished the story I had hit 65. I had made a lot of money on the way, which wasn't needed for the story and leveling. It was nice to have at the end. Over half a mil at least, can't remember the exact number. 60-65 is basically solo story mode. I tried to do this with my son, some of them, but it isn't possible for both to progress, you have to take turns if you wish to do it as a duo. You can group on the story instances, but you can't go through the story as a team. 

Combat is nice with a companion who actually feels heroic. I don't have some weakling following me around shooting the bad guys instead of healing me. They are very, very strong. I like the change. You no longer gear your companion at all. Not even a weapon, those are just for looks. What you do for working on companion power is work on influence level. There are 50 levels/ranks. These guys get very powerful. I made the mistake of working on one to 20 and then had to work on another, because for some reason Theron Shan can't enter the level 65 solo instance with me. Which really bugged me, wish I had known. So now it's Nico Okarr who travels with my smuggler. He's a cool companion!

There are a ton of companions. You are not limited to five, you get a whole slew of them, with a new companion window (N) which shows contacts, previous companions, and available ones as well. This window shows contacts you can work on faction for, to travel simply click on one and hit the travel to option. Makes traveling around for daily/weekly quests SO nice.

Making money is nice from your daily/weekly quests. Those quests tie in with level scaling, they are the reason for level scaling. You go back around the world and complete quests. I don't mind it so much, I did find it  a bit surprising that this was really why there was level scaling. The rewards are nice, a way to gear up with tokens, way to get some cool cosmetic gear and mounts from the boxes you are rewarded with, as well as working on leveling the companions. You get a lot of cosmetic gear as well.

You CAN still play with all your old companions too! Once you complete they new story 60-65 you can go into your phased base at the new outpost. There is a room with an interactive companion terminal (The companion locator terminal is in the Alliance Headquarters, in the small room just north of the smuggler's room. It's the same room as the commander's datapad.). I've read a lot of posts with players upset they don't have old companions, fear not, you can still use them! They just cannot be used in the story until you unlock them, which for some may be awhile. It was bugged a while back, but it is working now- I have used it and have all mine available to me.

Things are really good. I really enjoy the game again, it's just so much fun. I even made a new character to play through the Jedi Consular story, which I am enjoying a lot, so much it is all I have played since I made her. It's been pretty smooth sailing, I just miss x12 story xp, as the class story is my favorite part of the game. It is good to be back and I have had a blast. Though it is always in the back of my mind, what happened with the ban, what if it happens again. Can't help it. But it is such a good game, it's hard to not want to play.

That's all I can really say without giving away too many spoilers, enjoy the screenshots :)

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