Wednesday, August 19, 2015


*Dusts off the blog...* A thin layer of dust blows across the monitor, ancient text appears under a grimy layer of dirt. It's been that long?!

Time seems to just get away from me these days, moving always changes up my writing habits as well. I always miss my old set up, this time more than ever. Then my CTS has been worse some days, limiting what games I can play, less action the better. Everything I like to do uses my hands; crochet, gaming, blogging, art, and so on. So sometimes I just try to rest my hands up and get to the things I like to do slowly when I can, playing games that don't tax them too much. It makes me sad :( Anyhow... I have a big backlog of things I've checked out over the last few weeks. 

Sometime back Skyforge released. I was pretty excited to try it out. It is very action like, this it is another title I will have to pass on. My thoughts were it is a nice well rounded game in the early levels at least. No forced PvP, which was a surprise coming from the makers of Allods Online. It is a decently polished game, it looks good, it feels fluid for the most part. It looks good, yeah, it looks really good. Beautiful characters and armor, tons of cosmetics. There is a lot of solo content, or you can take your chances and queue up for an instanced zone with random players. 

Overall I thought the game was neat. I can only play it in short bursts (because it's so action oriented), it's fun for sure. It is free, doesn't feel too limited either. There is a sub option as well. Starting out was confusing, it starts you as a set character and you go through the story from there, letting you pick and try different classes, looks and picking out your clothes. Which you can get even after starting the character, simply go back and try out all the classes passing the challenge and you'll unlock the class costume for yourself. Take zero damage on the first try (for the last boss) and you get the head slot unlocked as well. I realized this too late and only unlocked one complete outfit. Overall a decent game, very futuristic with a touch of fantasy. If you haven't tried it, it's worth it, beautiful game. I had wanted Dire to play it with me but he just never got around to it. The females have fantastic hair, it mooooves so nicely! A few screenshots below:

I've also been dabbling in EQ2 on alts here and there. Nothing serious. I think I managed to get my defiler to 20 then decided I wanted to play another shadowknight as a different race, on my favorite server where my main is. Which is just under 20. There is also an event going on the Malicious Threat, which EQ2TC has a great link here on. I managed to find a guide/gm event going on awhile back. We had to drink alcohol and the screen was so blurry I couldn't see a thing. We were to jump off the gryphon close to the mark, the closest person won. It was so bad, the blurring, it took almost an hour to clear, which I logged out just annoyed. I hate events like that. Neat idea on paper but annoying and stupid in execution. My character stayed drunk so long I logged back out when I remembered I had to look at that screen. Thus the SK was made, heh. I've also been puttering around on my Necro too, but she is now 90 and needs an xpac on that account...sigh.

Not much new on the live servers. I thought about playing on the TLP servers (time locked progression), but I just like the game how it is now. I don't miss never having a merc to help me, the game having less options. That's just me. I started out in EQ2 later than most. I have all the vet rewards on one account, but that's because it was an old, old, old EverQuest account before EQ2 even existed! I didn't have a computer that could handle it, I needed shaders that my video card didn't support. I didn't have much money for things like that either. My computer did play WoW and Guild Wars. But I do get the whole nostalgia thing. I started in 2007, so I still remember the boat and the isle. I loved those areas! They were cool, I vividly remembering many, many characters going through those zones! I just don't miss much past that. I remembering having to pull off some amazing soloing feats with my inquisitor, looking around to brag... but nobody cared >.< so leaving my trusting mercs is awful hard these days since all my old friends are long, long gone, my guild is sporadic.

Other than that, I just kind of drifted back to WoW. I walked over to Dire one evening to see he had logged back in, after so many months. Thus I started playing again, I always miss the combat and fluidity of the game. Many things I don't like but there's enough I do like. Nelf is playing too, so that has been fun when I have been able to group. I played my druid up to 100, but that is way too taxing to play in a group setting. I mostly play the Hunter in groups but I am also working on my priest slowly. She will be disc spec, I think that will be fun. It's actually awesome for leveling with. Shadow seems a bit -meh- at the moment. Not bad, but not exciting. 

The new area has kept us busy. I actually did some timewalking dungeons with the guys, which was a lot of fun, then my wrist went all haywire and I didn't get to do much on the last day. But it was cool, I just wish they did them more often and had more variety. I loved doing those old dungeons with the guys again, like the good old days :)

Dire is working on his Warrior as a tank, which is already a new 100, while I am trying to catch up as a healer. Nelf heals too so if he wishes to, I can always just dps. I am lookign forward to playing the priest with them, though the hunter is quite awesome this xpac too. I cannot wait for the new Legion expansion to hit! Oh demon hunters... SO awesome. I wanted them before we even heard about DKs!
So I am super excited, things look good IMO, I am looking forward to many things. I will play a DH, of course, but I think this next expansion I would rather focus on one main instead of so many. I feel like I am always catching up! But yeah, the magic is always there, when I come back. I always find those enchanted places for the perfect shot, getting caught up in a story, or just remembering the years under all those layers of pixels. 

That's it for today, leaving more shots :)

Nelf and I goofing off.

kazzak, world boss.

Nelf and I doing pet battles, they disguise you when you join a random battle. He's not a gnome!! Ha.

Oops, we got glitched under the world. Something Nelf always has a way of doing... >.> lol

Sassy Imp, he is really sassy, never know what he'll offer to do. A new toy which can port you or possibly kill you.

A funny moment at the inn. Random people, lol. Was a great laugh.

Cheering Dire on, he made rank 8 over the weekend! He got some nice rewards. Took many tries!

Dire and I going off to duo an old MoP raid. 

Timewalking dungeon, down levels us to level 70. 

My priest :)

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