Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chasing The Unicorn

"Perhaps that's why we chase every new game almost before it appears, hoping we'll catch the unicorn by the tail and swing back astride before it vanishes around the corner, yet again. All we get are a few strands of silver that quickly lose their shine or, worse, a thumping kick, a humiliating stumble, a painful fall."- Bhagpuss

"I used to abandon plans just because I saw someone having a tough time. They wouldn't even need to be asking for help. I knew things and I wanted to share. I had a Chipped Bone Rod and I knew how to use it and what's more I knew where to take you so you could buy one too. I knew how to get to the sewers under Qeynos and I knew how to get out the other side. I knew barbarians couldn't see in the dark, while my half-elf had infravision, and even though I'd only just met you I trusted you to give me back my Greater Lightstone at the end of the tunnel to Blackburrow because otherwise what were you going to do? Stay in Everfrost the rest of your life?"

That's absolutely my favorite part. For a moment I fell back in time and remembered so many long lost friends and how I made friends because a kind person helped me out. Bahgpuss made me think of so many old friends, of myself. We trusted people, we liked grouping, we loved to play in full groups or even a small group with friends, always eager to adventure together! How many times did we do the spawn dance with a stranger waiting on a camp? Ending up to be friends for years. How those words ring so true, so long ago buried under so many memories. It's so exactly how it was, you just had to be there. Things are so different from how they started. Go read his awesome post. I'm off to try Skyforge (open) beta and chase that unicorn some more...

Some shots from this week in GW2, Trove and TESO:

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