Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gliding Along In The Galaxy

We just went through a grueling move. It's taken a week to stop feeling so tired! That and things that can go wrong, they always seem to go wrong. So, that's the biggest reason for the huge lack of any posts recently. Packing wasn't fun, and I still have SO much unpacking to do. Anyhow, I'm still playing stuff to unwind, which is always like home away from home, visiting my favorite games. Which is always a comfort. Plus, we had to put down one of our little ferrets as he was very ill.  Draining.

Through the move Dire still ended up playing AoC, as I just lost interest lately. It's a nice game but at 80 it seems more TBC era of WoW with daily quests and lots of group options. I'm not too fond of the level 80 areas as most of the mobs are several higher than the level cap, which isn't fun for me to unwind to. It isn't hard really, just not relaxing, if you can get that. I'll still log in as F2P but I am not going to focus on it much other than just piddling around with Dire or guild members. Good game, but it seriously needs more love and attention from Funcom.

In the meanwhile, my son saw me playing SWTOR, and so he decided to play it as well. He loved KOTOR and so the story aspect really appealed to him. I had been waiting on the x12 story xp to hit the game, because that's my favorite part. I managed to get my new Sith Inquisitor to 54 so far. I love the game, it has really come a long way, so much cool stuff. It even has housing that has function. The combat is somewhat similar to WoW but I think, personally, the companions could use some beefing up. I also look forward to the upcoming expansion, more story!

It looks amazing and the companions are going to be a big part, cross class choices for them as well as they are getting some changes for the better! Very much looking forward to the expansion. I'm going to stay subbed until then, I want the sweet rewards for doing so. Plus, I rather enjoy playing the game. My son has leveled twice as fast as me, leveling one class to 60 and another to 55. I'm sure I'll manage to get to 60 and then work on another on the side, plenty of time until the xpac.

I found an email from Blizzard offering me seven free days of game time. Can't pass up anything free, plus I really wanted to check out the new 6.2 patch. I was actually pretty happy with it, I like the new area (not as cool as the isle we had in panda land, but bigger) for the most part. Lots of nice gear to collect on my under geared hunter! For me it doesn't seem a bad patch, plenty for me to do. I'm not interested in raiding or groups at this point, so it was great to log in and just go do something specifically for level 100 characters. Flying wasn't added in yet, if I subscribe I'd definitely do it (with much grumbling), but I am not sure if I will resub just yet.

The nicest thing about returning was my hunter, it was like putting a well fitting glove back on. Combat is so fluid and nice in WoW, you just cannot beat it. I still have a few days left. I managed to grab a darkmoon bear mount, which was awesome! Also I fished up a sea turtle mount, that was really exciting too. I have wanted one for years and years. I'm not that impressed with the choices Blizzard has made lately, hopefully they get it together and start thinking things through for the player base in the future. Hey, we have ships now!... Just wish we could go sail them.

I've also dabbled a little bit in EQ2, on one of my older accounts which has the ten year vet rewards. The Shadowknight merc is pretty beastly. I wanted to play a class I haven't played much, so I went with a defiler. I can't say how fun it is because I haven't really gotten very far at all, lol. But it is always nice to go back to Norrath. I even played a tiny bit of GW2, which was fun too. Looking forward to that expansion as well.

Last but not least, I am really not playing much Landmark at all anymore. I log in to do my upkeep, and sometimes I will build. But the drive is gone. The blueprint (direction) of the game is gone, there was an announcement that most, if not all, focus will be taken from Landmark and shifted to EQN. I am wondering if Landmark will just get neglected to the point where it dries up and has the plug pulled on it. It is not working as we were all led to believe it would, sure I am excited about EQN--- But what makes me think they'll do that any better than they have with the 'all hyped EQN Landmark' game that was supposedly linked to it, then not, then... I don't even know. Just disappointed in what Landmark has turned into. A permanent closed (paid) beta? Maybe EQN will be so great that we forget about any other game out there, and our heads explode from all that awesome that is EverQuest Next... Haha... ha....ha. I'm sorry, I can't help myself sometimes.

That's it for today. Have a great week, or what's left of it :)

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