Thursday, June 25, 2015

Eye Candy: AoC

Some more shots of my travels in Age of Conan.

Lots of beautiful zones, especially in the later zones.

Plenty to see, lots of temples and cities beautifully done through the world.

A panorama shot. 

Doing some jumping achievements to reach places for achievements. Very odd in this game, how they added this stuff, as the movement and controls are very clunky. 

King Conan's castle.

Meeting the King (Conan).

Heading towards my destiny (quest).

Another lovely temple.

Up close.

Checking out the race track with some guild members and Dire.

Always nice to make new friends, we've learned a lot while playing with them.

A lovely sunrise.

Dire and I working on a quest with a couple of guild members.

Resting for a moment.

The guild made a new addition to the hall, I got to watch the building pop up, much similar to Vanguard's mechanics. It took them a year to work on the mats for this one building. It is a rather small guild. 

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