Monday, July 13, 2015

Gambling in the MMO's we play

Massively multiplayer online games (or MMOs) have been around for many years so it’s no surprise
that players want to use this platform to gamble too. There are many official and unofficial ways to gamble in game, both with real and in game cash.

Buying mystery boxes in many games is an official form of gambling, players can spend in game cash or real money in many games to get a box that has the potential to have great gear or generic items. Many of the companies that use this technique are not licensed to provide gambling, but this game of chance is not considered real gambling.

Even freemium games, games you can play for free but will be enhanced by you adding cash, will
allow you to buy the chance to win limited edition items with cash. The Simpsons: Tapped Out
mobile app is one such game that allows players to buy scratchcards in game for a fee and be in with
a chance to win premium currency. This should be considered gambling but instead is classed as a
normal freemium gaming tactic. Because this is not classed as gambling their random number
generator is not under as much scrutiny as most online gambling outlets, meaning that this may be
less fair to the player.

Some players think that this way to play is unfair as it rewards those willing or able to spend
additional cash, instead of rewarding talented and dedicated players. For example, with The
Simpsons game new players can have just as many items and in game currency in a matter of hours
as someone who has been playing the game for years.

Players can take this gambling to a new level with some MMOs, using random number generators or
dice rolls they can unofficially gamble with other players. They can stake in game currency, items
and real money in these games although these illegal gambling rings are quickly shut down by
admins. This is classed as an illegal unlicensed gambling ring and the runners of the servers are held
responsible for this activity, which means they want it banned straight away.

In a way there are already many forms of gambling in the MMOs we play, it’s just not regulated in
the same way as dedicated online gambling games. Whether it’s classed as fair or unfair by players
it’s prevalent in many games like Guild Wars and City of Heroes. The unfortunate thing about this
version of gambling is that it’s unregulated so players are more at risk of unfair tactics and poor
quality games.

Players of MMO’s should always be aware of scams and other players looking to take advantage of
their hard work. If players do take part in these illegal gambling rings they could be scammed out of
their payment information so it’s a risky way to play. Funds won in these games can also be
confiscated by moderators for being acquired in an illegal way. Unscrupulous players can also keep
playing and losing then logging off so they don’t need to pay up, but they’ll stick around to claim
their prizes when they win. This is another reason that gambling between players isn’t permitted as
it would be a nightmare for moderators to sort out any disputes that would be bound to happen.
Usually these rings are highlighted to moderators by a disgruntled player hoping to get their
promised rewards but they’re more likely to get a ban than coins.

There are some advantages to buying lottery tickets and mystery boxes from the game, in games
such as Guild Wars. They’re bought with in game currency, so players don’t need to have a bulging
bank account to play and it’s available to everyone. It can also be a useful tool to teach people about
gambling without the real life ramifications.

Like many new bingo sites as pgbingo contains the same style of MMO with the addition of gambling but it’s regulated and much more fair to players. This way players are still getting the MMO experience, including the social aspect and story driven gameplay, and the gambling experience that they want in a regulated environment. The stringent checks on dedicated gambling sites means that nothing’s a fix and players will definitely be paid out, the same cannot be said of gambling within unregulated MMO’s. Players can have their cake and eat it too with regulated gambling MMO’s, there’s no chance of not getting your winnings as the stake is held in escrow and players know that the result really is from randomly generated numbers, not the result of some dodgy dealings.


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