Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Casual MMO Stroll

I love this mount! RAWR!

My recent return to WoW, via the free seven days, was pretty fun. I managed to get a bunch of cool mounts. I also had the chance to check out 6.2, which, overall, was a nice return. WoW is always easy to hop back into. Being gone for a few months gives me plenty to catch up on, especially my neglected garrisons. I do wish we could access them with a mobile app too.

I'd like to work on my hunter gear wise and do more fun stuff, like collecting and achievements. Also I'd like to get my lock to 100 as well. It is one of the most relaxing and easiest games to get into to just casually play. That is what always draws me back, plenty to do still, especially with alts lined up to be leveled. I sound like an old and broken record I think. I always say that, don't I? *Flips back through the blog pages, coughing from all the dust*

I just don't know what direction WoW is going in. The game seems all over the place when it comes to developers and their 'direction'. I think it is pretty fun currently, from a casual view. I'm not interested in raiding anymore and LFR seems pointless. For now there is still plenty to do, but then again I have taken many breaks through this xpac. All in all I am leaning towards playing again, it's pretty solid, always something to work on and I just enjoy the combat so much more than most games. But had I been here for the whole xpac, would I be bored silly with the content they handed us in this xpac?

Another game where I really enjoy the combat is GW2. It isn't too shabby. I have logged in a few times recently. I really love the setting of the game, and I have a blast when I play. There is a lot to do, wandering around is a great thing. I love to explore places even if I've been there before. I just think that the game is a bit more of a grind for my tastes, in some areas.

I love the music, the setting, the combat, the characters. I just wish the game had more... I don't know.. depth. I want a horse to travel on across the hills. I want wardrobe tabs, not sucked dry of all my gems if I decide to change my appearance. I want more to go after besides gear and crappy mats to break down. Despite all this I still really enjoy the game. I'm thinking of leveling my warrior up some or possibly my thief. I think my necro will always by my favorite though and I always miss playing her, lol.

Trove recently came out of beta and now it has been officially released. As if it hasn't been polished or a good game for a long time, people are flocking to it in droves. It is so bad that my last queue was right around 160 min... Needless to say I am not going to wait that long, or leave it up that long. I just log in late at night when everyone is in bed. I suppose a big part is because the game is now on steam. Check out their new video here. Trove is the only reason I still support Trion in any way. I have had some really crap support issues in Rift recently and if Trove wasn't so darn good, I'd never give the company a second look. But I have always had great support in Trove, not so great with Rift.

So, it's been quite awhile since I played Trove. We have two new classes, a Boomeranger, which is like a ranger with a boomerang and a bow.  Then we have the Tomb Raiser, which is like a necromancer. They are both very fun and decently strong. My favorite is the Tomb Raiser, as I love the class, the look of it, the feel of it. I just wish minions stayed out permanently or until killed. There is now a new quest line that awards a lot of coins to use in the cash shop, which you can easily purchase at least one new class with if you do a few quite simple things. I purchased both of mine with the in-game coins.

The game seems to be doing very well. While the community isn't anything I have ever been impressed with, random encounters at least, it still is cool to see so many people around. There is always something to do in Trove, something to collect or work on. Plus, it is another game where you get rewarded for most things you do. I just wish they had taken on their own style in a way, not making everything so block like, as if they were trying too hard to be like Minecraft and so many other copies of it. That's my biggest dislike, I wish it really had it's own unique feel in the looks department.

EQ2 is slow going, that's not a bad thing as I don't want to rush right now. I play here and there as a F2P on my little alt, which isn't bad at all. The shaman/defiler is around 20 or so. I spent a lot of time setting up the nine year veteran reward house. It looks quite nice, but much left to do still. Very relaxing too. It makes me miss Everquest sometimes, the first one, but then I remember what I miss is the old content, not all these shiny new zones. I thought about playing on the progression server, one of them. I don't know though, it's just not the same, may as well play where I already am set up and situated. Then again, I just don't seem to be suited for EverQuest so much these days. Or perhaps it just isn't suited for me, maybe it never really was, it just was there, and I was there... I recall a lot of burnout at the five year mark. It was the reason I headed to WoW. But I still miss it, still love it.

We're still playing SWTOR, on the republic side for a bit. Though this time around isn't as exciting because I know what to expect overall in the game. I picked up my smuggler I made so many years ago at release. I miss the imperial side, I just like it better for some reason. My son loves the bright and shiny republic though, lol. It is a nice change in some ways.

I need to finish leveling my Inquisitor for the expansion. She is still a few levels away from the cap. I'd like to farm some money as well, see if I can do that for the expansion. Maybe it will come in handy. I'm not playing quite as much this week, but I hope to get the momentum going again.

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