Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Postcards from Hyboria (AoC)

Sharing some shots from Age of Conan today, across multiple characters. Enjoy!

Waiting on a World Boss spawn.

Traveling through Khitai.

Still quite a lovely game.

My partner in crime and myself.

A quiet place to rest?

AoC has some nice looking appearance armor as well as armor that is nice to mix and match. I'm running out of bank room!


Dire and I hanging around.

World Boss. The WB, as everyone calls it, lol. Such nice rewards off these mobs, chances for appearance gear, pets, armor, and so on. Or you could get a silly worthless item. Nice thing is you can do them over and over and over.

Love the settings in AoC. Sometimes it almost reminds me of the Telon...

Khemi, such a beautiful city.

Catching up to the group.

From a distance, swimming back to WB.

A friend and I, before they fixed the WB... we were scared to die, lol.

Obligatory blogger trophy screenshot of WB.

People are generally really cool in this game.

Some guildies hanging out.

Dire and I.

Can't wait to see another WB. They start the first Wednesday of each month and stay for seven days. Miss it already!

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