Friday, February 20, 2015

Adventures in Allods and Trove

My partner in crime all dressed to impress.

Lots I've wanted to post about lately but I just keep putting things off with the blog. I suppose I'll do a round up next week. For now I just wanted to share some thoughts on what we've been playing and throw out some impressions. This month has been mostly full of Allods Online and Trove.

Allods, yup, still at it. Dire and I managed to play up to 29 and 32 on the F2P server. He always seems to pass me in levels. We really like the free to play server but kept wondering what the sub server was like so we ended up switching. Allods has two servers for those of us playing on the EN type server. You find many people speaking many different languages across both. The F2P server is very populated, people are all around and you can even find some PvP action in the leveling areas. The P2P server is much, much less populated. I estimate less than 100 active accounts. I often wonder of the future of this server. It's very quiet. You basically have huge zones to yourself. I am always flagged PvP and have yet to have anyone even bother me, I do it for the XP bonus. Dire has had one one run in with PvP. Other than that, people are alright. The server isn't all that friendly, so if you're looking for a populated server P2P is probably not ideal. For us, it isn't a big deal we have each other when we need help. 

We had to save up for our mounts, but it was easily done as we saved every copper we've made and then had some to spare. The first mount is 40 gold and the next is around 400, but money starts to come in quickly the higher you level. The mounts here on the P2P server are a lot slower than what you can buy in the cash shop, but it is a nice feeling to earn your mount! We still have a ways to go, but we're 38 and 43, he's still higher than me. I mostly only play just with him.

If you enjoy questing, questing and more questing, old school, vanilla WoW style, you'll really feel at home in Allods. Huge zones full of quests and more quests. Much is required of you to complete all the quests in each zone, or as close as you can, in order to have enough XP to level. Here you can also auto complete quests but they still require the stones (which you acquire from questing and leveling), and you can miss out on a lot of XP simply from not grinding through them. I haven't had an issue on this server, Dire has. On the other server it was worse without the XP bonus IMO. All in all it is relaxing and good. Dire really is having a great time. I didn't know if he'd like the game as much as he does. Then again games like GW2 or Trove, where there isn't a real direction (from quests), leave him feel like there isn't much to do. Thus it is great if you enjoy questing. 

As we advance through the game I still can't get over how I much I love the music in each zone. The music is just awesome. I always have the music on, heck I even have some tunes on SoundCloud to listen to when I go walking, that's how much I enjoy the music in this game. The game still looks good in my eyes. It has a timeless storybook feel, much like WoW. The combat is good, it clicks with me. Depending on the class you choose, it can feel different with each. It is pretty polished and a very solid game that hasn't gotten as much attention as it should have. Many changes have come about since the days of Gpotato (previous publisher). The game is still receiving content and updates on a regular basis. Next month we get a new expansion with a new race! The game is quite popular is Russia. My only issue would be support. I put in a request for a transfer of my old account and yet no word as of yet. Support is quite slow. 

The Valentine's event just went by. It wasn't all that in-depth but we managed to get some cool costumes. That is a plus, now we don't have to look so noobish. Most of it required us leaving the game running while we went AFK so people could shoot us with arrows for the currency we needed. Which was a lot, we needed 600 tokens... ugh. 

That's mostly what I have been playing, when Dire and I play together. If you're on the fence of trying it out or getting back in, give the F2P server a shot first. The subscription is a real decent bang for the buck as far as subscriptions go, there is no cash shop, no advantage with cash. It is a solid game with a lot of content and a real cool vibe. Very 'classic' feeling, without feeling outdated. Oh, and you can always do instances with mercenaries you can hire, which is a huge plus (both servers). 

Trove! I adore Trove. It is the coolest game I never thought I'd play. Thus I still play it regularly. The simplicity and charm really draw me in. I've been dabbling around with a few classes, leveling some up. Grinding glim along the way for some of the new pets and eventually a new mount. I got the rare cat pet, which is awesome for the Dracolyte. It currently has a great damage to health (heal) effect. Quite OP if you ask me but I am NOT going to complain!!

Plenty to do with building as well. Sometimes I run out and just search for recipes, recipe encounters seem to be showing up 30% more since the last update, yay! We also now have wings to glide with. They are interesting, even if I forget to use them sometimes. 

Our personal club, a work in progress! 

My son and I found a guild that is active. I am pretty quiet but they seem a cheery bunch. It is a huge guild but the access to portals and everything we need is nice. I am working hard on our own little club. But I am slowly working on uber portals and I need a lot more materials for the new portal.  I don't really need them but I'd like to have it all for us eventually. I love building there too. Building with blocks is sometimes a challenge. I never got too deep into Minecraft so this is all new to me! But-- it is fun, plus collecting recipes for items to add to things I build helps out a lot. Probably one of my favorite things to do is building and collecting recipes. 

A 'dungeon' out in the world, one of the coolest things I've seen so far!

There is always something to do still. I always feel like I am advancing on something no matter what I do. Which is nice for me as I just run along and do whatever strikes my fancy. Trove really spoils me with this. I am really happy to see a healthy population with the game as well. The game gets a nice amount of content and updates. We just got a new archer class, the /dance emote, wings and pets, a new area for high end, and more recipes. 

That's it for today. Have a great weekend! 


  1. I would really like to play Allods again. It's just finding the time. I agree it has a look that should age very well. Really great art direction and a marvelous color palette.

  2. Fine post. Interesting to read




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