Monday, March 2, 2015

Eye Candy (Allods, Trove)

Dire and I working on a quest... before he zipped up ten levels ahead of me. 

Gipat, one of my favorite zones. 

A calming view from Gipat.

A carry emote, too cute!

Down the golden path... 

New mount, leaving Gipat.

The first desert zone for the League side, I love desert zones. 

Simplicity at it's best- Trove.

Too many people... random club party.

Checking out a club at a club party.

Neon city.

Roaming around.

New throne mount, hanging out and building in my personal club world, which will forever be a work in progress!

A nice place for a Dracolyte to hang out at.

Looking out from a random dungeon, cool view. 

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