Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2nd- Birthday Edition

It's my birthday! Another year full of great games and expansions to distract me. I still haven't picked up Dragon Age Inquisition. I've been so busy with other games I just haven't had time to really think about playing anything else, soon though. For now there is plenty going on in the month of December after somewhat of a content drought in many of my games.

GW2 released another installment of The Living Story. Soon Wintersday will be here, which I plan on spending more time with. Last year I slacked off a bit and missed most of, if not all, of it. I didn't get through much of the last part of the LS, I got sidetracked. But I'll log in at some point to grab the update so I can play it when I am ready. The new open world should be interesting and I do hope to set aside some time to actually play through and explore. So glad to see content!

WoW is releasing the first raid for Warlords of Draenor today (much dooooowntime). Mythic releases in about a week or so and then LFR releases on the 16th of December. Which is a disappointment. Dire can't raid at a decent hour, so LFR helps players like him still participate. Our ilevels are sitting there waiting on us to enter the LFR scene. I'd love to be able to start gearing up a bit.

WoD is still pretty fun. I am working on alts slowly. The hunter and warlock have their garrisons to rank 2. That is about all I can handle now. I can't even keep up with three most of the time, because of the resources needed. I figure I'll work on the hunters levels first and building on her garrison. The DK is always first priority as she has rank 3. The garrisons are still pretty fun, I really love this part of the expansion. I do wish there were more quests involved with running off into Draenor instead of to dungeons (looks at the inn). Not a huge fan of the dungeons this expansion honestly. I think they are more enjoyable as a ranged class, that is probably why. I also need to learn them to be able to tank them and I am being very lazy.

I also wish we had a few optional daily quests to give us something to look forward to. Instead we have one, which is hit or miss. Some of the areas are just blah, simply because of the objectives. I don't want as many as were in MoP but a few here and there would break up the monotony. Still we have garrisons to work on, which is a nice change.

My brother and a friend are playing again. It will be nice to play through this expansion with them. Looking forward to doing some dungeon runs eventually, always much more fun with friends. Maybe some old MoP raids with a group for mog gear... Sounds good to me :)

EQ2 has the new expansion out. I'm still reading mixed reactions on it. It is awesome... it is a sluggish horrible grind... and everything in the middle. I suppose it depends on the player. I do know quests do run out and I am not going to sit in a contested dungeon to level unless it is with my guild, which seems a bit dead lately. I have not picked up the expansion but I'll probably do that this evening. I also want the Rift expansion (for the gear unlocks and I want a boost for a character out of the last xpac) but I am waiting that out. I play a lot more EQ2 than that, so best I hold off.

I do look forward to seeing the xpac in EQ2 and forming my own opinion. I picked up the isle of Refuge prestige home, since there was a double
SC sale. It is a huge instance for housing. I am thinking of packing up my oak-mist glade and moving all my creations to the isle because they'd look better with the more 'open' feeling the zone offers. I just love this housing! I have a lot of memories from when I first started EQ2 and playing through the isle. It is nice to see this (now  removed starter zone) as a housing area! I'm so excited about decorating it!

That's it for today. Safe adventures!


  1. I'm still toddling through the EQ2 expansion. Dinged 98 weaponsmith last night and 98 Berserker today. The craft quest on its own takes you to around 97.8 and the adventure quest is probably about the same if you literally do nothing else. So, yes, the solo quests are not designed to take you all the way to 100.

    We won't get another expansion for 12 months though. Even playing my few hours a week I expect to drift up to max level in both adventure and craft by early in the new year. There's a lot more to do in EQ2 than just quest, as you know, and those levels will fill in without any effort long, long before new content arrives.

    By contrast did the whole of the new Living Story in GW2 tonight. It took me about 75 minutes. It was pretty good but...75 minutes..

  2. That's what I figure, as much puttering around I do, I'll end up getting the levels eventually. If my guild starts playing more I can even level with them. I'm looking forward to heading out there and just seeing the new zones. Plus, I don't mind grinding out done mobs. I keep forgetting it's only a five level increase, unlike WoWs new xpac.

    I want to play through the new content but I don't want to rush through. So I'm saving it for when I'm really in the mood for it and can savor it, lol. I read your post on it and figured that's probably the best plan. I'll start in a week or two, hopefully! I know Frostfell is going to stuck me in too.... lol.

    1. Eh, new *gw2 LS content, should have specified that second part, lol.




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