Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Sharing some shots from a couple of my favorite games: EQ2 & WoW. 
Taming a pet on my new Beastlord

Hey there big guy!

A tranquil corner of Warlords.


Draenor sky.

Love the stars.

Shadowmoon has so many beautiful places to gaze at.

Slowly leveling my hunter on the side.

An old photo, still a cool shot.

Stormwind from afar.

Wings to match my merc.

My partner and crime and I.

Exploring with my son.

Love this area, very interesting (wow's version of the personal, yet random, druid ring)

Good day for a picnic!

Crash and...sink?


One of my fave mogs.


Another look at the new Aerakyn race (female with merc).

Blast from the past, running old content.


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