Monday, November 24, 2014

Ten Years Later: MC Raider

I managed to hit 100 in WoW last week, just before the 10th anniversary event began. Once there at the cap you still have to reach an item level of 615 (gear wise) to queue for Looking For Raid. Which requires you to do either heroics or PvP for gear. My son helped me so much with this, leaving me just a couple points short, in the process I started the legendary ring quest granting me an epic ring. Yesterday I managed to get there and queue for the anniversary Molten Core raid.

I have to say the anniversary 40 man Molten Core raid was one of the worst raids I've been on in a long time. It is long, it is drawn out and people just don't want to function most of the time. I didn't love it back in the day when it was current, I certainly don't love it now. The raid took entirely too long then as it does now for LFR. Personally, I think many bosses should have been removed for the event, they drop a small amount of gold, no use for them to be there.

We actually had a tank sporting a Thunderfury (level 60 legendary weapon) tanking the whole raid with it. Nobody seemed to care. We had tanks running to the zone to avoid a wipe (or rather, we all died and sat there unable to release as they ran). We had people facing mobs the wrong way and causing multiple wipes. Luckily we also had someone marking and explaining what to do to the raid on each pull. ONLY one boss in this raid drops anything and once you've completed it for the head item- the pet and enchant have a very, very low percentage drop rate. In the end I was glad I was there, glad I did it but it is one I don't care to ever do again. None of my alts will run through it. They can settle with the Molten Corgi pet :)

Garrison buddies! Dire on the left, Nelf in the middle and me on the right.

Speaking of alts, I have not even started leveling any. I took a couple into the starting area and logged them out, while waiting on things in the garrison. I really won't mind leveling up other characters, the expansion is very enjoyable. I am just in no rush and have plenty to do. It is, kind of, boring at times at 100 because I don't really feel like doing things I should be, like daily quests. There are no real raids yet, not that I am in any rush at all. Dungeons are still a bit tough as people are still gearing up. For now I'm having fun with my main being the Death Knight.

My brother, Heri, and a friend will be starting up soon and I look forward to having them join us in the expansion. Oh, and Pilgrims Bounty starts tomorrow, just in time for Thanksgiving. There are some new additions this year; a new cosmetic hat and pet. It lasts until December 2nd (my birthday!).

I'm also trying to spend some time in EQ2. I have been having the urge to play, but not my main. I don't feel like healing much these days so I decided to roll up a new character. I was going to go with Shadowknight but I decided, instead, to start up another Beast Lord. I like playing on the new server so I figured I'd level one up here. I don't have the expansion yet, but I plan on getting it soon (birthday prezzy maybe?!). I want the CE for the healer merc, would go nicely with my new scout.

I really love the new Aerakyn race. The female version is very cool. I am not as much of a fan of the male counterparts, they are simply too haggard and chunky looking. In the last expansion the Aerakyn race was around, as NPCs they were very sleek looking. These models don't match up to many expectations I feel. The female have human bodies, many people would have preferred elven bodies. Not a huge deal for me, I can have long pink hair, that's all I care about, lol.

I hope to get a few levels this week, on the side. I have plenty of things to do, I actually enjoy leveling through old content in EQ2. That is one of the great things about the game, I never feel the need to rush to the cap, nor the feeling that I was really missing out because I wasn't at the cap.

That's it for today. For those of you in the US of A, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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