Thursday, November 20, 2014

Eye Candy- Greetings From Draenor!

Upgrade time! Upgrading to level two Barracks enables you the option to have a follower accompany you in your travels across Draenor. There are five bodyguard followers to chose from, once you gain them.

Bodyguards come with their own specific mounts. They also chug a potion after each fight, which refills their health to full. 

Too many ogres!
Currently one of my my favorite followers, he's pretty nice DPS.



This molten minion is a proc from the rank two blacksmith. Once you assign a follower you are able to grab two four hour buff, one being a proc which summons this tough fellow and the other being that weapons and armor don't take hits to repair. Very nice little bonus. Each station gives different perks. 

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