Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Play Log: WS, WOW, GW2

Since my last post I decided to try out the other faction in Wildstar, the Dominion. I've seen pictures of the city and read a lot of good things that made me want to really get a closer look after playing an exile to 20. I managed to try a few classes and finally settled on the warrior, which is the opposite of the sneaky evasive play of the stalker. The warrior is a brute that doesn't need to sneak around, it's great!

I have to admit the Dominion get the better looking city, it looks and feels like a capital city, respectable and grand. Very beautiful all around. The exile, in contrast, basically have a giant dumpster which is filled with piles of trash. I was very unimpressed. The first thing I thought when I entered the city was... A dumpster? Along with the cities, the starting areas (I have yet to try the snowy, human areas on the exile) are very different experiences all together. The dominion feels as if extra effort was put into the questing and areas as a whole. A much more polished experience. The exiles felt like they just plopped down massive camps everywhere, filled to the brim with mobs. Overall, I did not enjoy the exile side nearly as much as the dominion. Which was a let down as I really wanted to play an Aurin. However, the exile is more populated than dominion, which I was surprised at. At this point I think it is a pretty big slant with Exile dominating most servers.

I'm still having fun. Sometimes the combat wears a bit on my wrists but the ability to hold buttons down (change this in your options) to press and hold attacks, makes it easier than clicking over and over. Which was causing some irritation on my end.

Housing is awesome! You can teak out your plots little by little as you level, adding challenges, furniture, changing your sky, your decorations. You can even change the atmospheric effects inside each room of your house. There are tons of nifty items and not everything is insanely expensive, some are also available from challenges. I think Wildstar takes housing to a whole new level, I love it.

The servers don't feel as populated as they did, then again maybe everyone else is already at the cap, or most people. I am also on a exile heavy server. I see people but not as much as I did closer to release. I keep up with the forums a bit and I am wondering just how well Wildstar is doing. You have to take forum posts with a grain of salt but the game just doesn't seem to be thriving as much as I thought it would, population wise. I hope to see the game succeed. I do think there is a lot of work needed for fine tuning and appealing to the masses on several fronts. I think Carbine might need to take a harder look at their direction if they want to succeed as a subscription game. For now I'm happily playing, enjoying everything along the way. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly.

I'm still playing WoW, with my son mostly. He's working on his new paladin currently and decided to go after the legendary cloak quest. I only needed a few more sigils with my hunter so I decided to try to do it alongside him. We'll see how far we get through it. I can see him completing it. I said I would never... But he is so excited I couldn't not try :)

I managed to get a weapon upgrade for my hunter, finally! I actually disconnected in LFR, the transformer on our street blows every few days here it seems, three times within five days is the current record. Upon logging in the next morning I found my weapon in my mailbox. I was so excited! I needed a new upgrade very, very badly. I have the worst luck with my hunter, I never get what I need it seems and all the LFR groups are the pits. I was pleasantly surprised!

Still enjoying things but the feeling of same ol' same ol' creeps back in slowly. Mostly because I really want to play though the expansion, Shadowmoon Valley looks amazing. I still very much enjoy the combat in WoW, you just can't beat it. It is nice to log in and go back to the basics. It is a nice change from the constant jumping around in Wildstar. I find people claim to love this type of combat so much. Yet those are the people that I find don't play, quit, or didn't even make it to level 20. The idea of something and actual execution on a daily basis of playing are two totally different things, add in raiding and groups and I think it could wear thin fast. It is always nice to play WoW for the combat, classic and solid feeling.

I managed to poke around with the new content, not the living story but the new expanded, Dry Top, area. Lots of events, tons of people everywhere. It all feels so alive and people seem to just flock to these events. Totally worth it to log in and check it out, I had fun for sure. I want to work more on the story, I'm much more impressed with the pace of things lately, it surely makes me want to log in more. Maybe I'll even level up some alts.

The new area, is a nice change. A desert setting, while small it is engaging. There are many different events that trigger. Sandstorms happen, which causes visibility problems, a neat change from the norm. They happen in cycles, so it isn't a constant annoyance. There are events tied, which cause you to look forward to them more than you'd think. All in all it looks great visually. Lots of jumping to get to the event area but you don't have to worry with it too much on a regular basis. Not a huge fan of jumping, I'm no good at it, even if I like to think I am. I'm just persistent :(

That's it for today. Have a great week!


  1. I've tried to get back into WoW a few times the past couple of years, I'm just not much of a MMO player anymore. But I do like the combat, a lot. One of the reasons I enjoy SWTOR is because of the combat, which is just like WoW. There is a certain complexity to the combat if you're looking to min/max a character, yet it's easy to pick back up and play if you've been away for a while.

  2. I'm hearing that Avatus has more Dominion than Exiles. You may be on the better server. I feel tricked D:

  3. @Rak- Lol, Well hope you like that server, bites to start over again I bet though. I just picked one at random and decided to stay there, seems alright. I joined a guild on the Exiles, have yet to see many recruiting on the dominion, so I don't have one yet. It still feels a bit quiet here compared to the other but it isn't a big deal really. I'm getting close to 20 with the War, been slowing down due to RL, lol.

    @Jay- Yeah, if you're going to be doing something as much as combat in a game, it is better off to go with one you feel comfortable with. WoW is easy to jump back into. I had to read up about what i was doing wrong in Wildstar, which isn't hard but it is pretty much the exact same thing for every mob I kill, lol. Good combat is the glue for me to stick with a game. Since that is mainly what you do in these games!

  4. I don't know if you've poked around the forums, but here is an amazing art thread one person has been keeping up all month. Sounds like they even got a mention in one of the dev streams for it.

  5. Aw, those are really nice!




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