Monday, March 17, 2014

EverQuest- Heroic Characters

Need some help getting started?
This past weekend was full of EverQuest. We continued our journey with our fresh heroic characters. I wanted to touch base on some things that might help returning players. Dire and I play on a regular basis, I not as much as him, thus he knows things like newer zones a bit better than me. My son started last year around the holidays, he is still learning but he's never truly played the game and has been picking it up quite well. He was four when I started playing in 2000. Basically everything is fresh and new to him.

We started up with a me as a necro, Dire as a necro and my son as a magician, or as some like to say, Mage. All three pet classes. When you start out a fresh character it is easiest to hit the HEROIC character option on the right side of the screen when you are creating one. That way you start off with a spell line up, gear, ending up in the correct zone. If you are upgrading a character you will want to head to Feerrott the Dream, clicking the Oggok stone in PoK. A message will pop up and you will want to pick the option- The Dream (the other takes you to the older version of the zone). This is where you will need to complete your J5 mercenary quest, which you need a gold account to do so.

Other than that the world is your oyster. There are many players boosting, plenty of groups to be had, ask in chat for help, people are very helpful for the most part. Look for a group, get social. Some resources to help listed below:

Zam Directions- How to get to each zone through connecting zones, this is a fantastic resource.
Mapfiend- If you are going to play you will want all the maps.
Zone Level Chart- A basic chart to help you figure out where you can go. This really is great if you have no idea.
Heroic Character FAQ- Official Forum FAQ
EQ Quest List- Good list of quests to help you have an idea of where to get started or caught up with.
Daily Quests and Hotzone lists IN GAME- Check out Franklin Teek. This one is very important to look out for!
EverQuest Commands- Very handy as there are tons.

That is about all I can think of at the moment to help out those who might be a bit confused, it does require a bit of thought and research. The good thing is that there is a ton of information out there. Feel free to send me a tell in game to say hello or if you need some direction, I am on Firiona Vie and I am most always on Vanlorin. I don't mind at all if anyone sends me a tell! How?Cross server tells are handy. Type this in as a tell [t firionavie.vanlorin 

How did our weekend of heroic characters turn out?
Pretty freaking good! We all had a good time. Dire ended up swapping the necro out of our trio for his Mage, which is not a heroic character. My son hit level 91 with his mage and my necro finished up with a whopping level 100.

We did have the... where do we go now issue. There are so many places where we have to think. In the end we picked out a few, did the daily quests from Franklin Teek and grouped with Dire's SK a bit, while we also found out that SK's received a nerf with swarming. Though he is still quite good at it, it is harder than it was before. Yeah, not as many SK power leveling going on now. Which sort of sucks, it is still doable but I imagine it will be harder for some. It was still an impressive session with Dire.

I also managed to complete the necromancer 1.5 epic. I am wanting to do the 2.0 this week, and get my son started on his as well. I had a lot of fun doing this part, it was very easy to solo at 85, I imagine it will be a bit tough to get the orbs out of CoA (Citadel of Anguish), but I think we'll manage. We don't have a healer (mercs cannot enter) but I can always swap my cleric out for the necro if needed, I would prefer not to but the option is always there.

Again, feel free to say hello if you're returning or you need a little help! Safe adventures.

First part of the 1.5, kill some werewolves! 

My son and I finishing up the last fight for the 1.5, thought he'd get a kick out of this. 

Woot! Clicky summons a dumbfire skelly pet which life taps to the group (lasts 30 sec).

Epic Clicky pet!

Pretty :)

The three of us tearing through some mobs.

From left to right- My son, me and Dire. I named that character Candy after a transfer to FV *snickers* We laugh at him whenever he logs her on.


  1. Thanks for the tips - there are a lot of confused people in Norrath right now! I'm really quite fired up to play EQ again, not that I ever stopped playing but I haven't been doing much there for a while. I made several 85s yesterday on the various qualifying accounts but only the Magician is likely to be played. Great class, mage!

    Think I might go and do some of old Franklin's tasks with her right now...

  2. Awesome, this is going to help sooooooo much. I don't know how much I am going to play, but I figured I would at least log in for a free level 85!

  3. Glad to help, guys! Hope you guys have a great time, shoot me a hello sometime!




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