Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Wanderings

Lately I've been wandering back and forth to a few games. Rift, which is fun questing, though I don't play often enough to really get much done. I am still not 60, but it isn't a big deal really. I'm in no rush, I have zero intent to run dungeons and raids. I do hope there is still incentive for the game at 60, that worries me at times. But there is still a lot to do, mentoring down, rifts, invasions, instant adventures, yada, yada, yada. I'm not too worried. Plus, we have the occasional weekly event, which have not been that interactive but interesting nonetheless. We had fashion week, with dailys. Then mech week which was cool, just not too much to do because I couldn't get the (dungeon) lockboxes not being 60... Which you needed to do the dungeons. But I did get an awesome mech mount fromt he daily one! I was pretty stoked! I also got another neat pet.

I've really been wanting to get back into Vanguard SoH, in all it's buggy glory. It still holds a power over me even though I didn't start playing until 2009 or so. It is lovely, the world is huge, there is so much I have yet to see. It just feels so classic. Endgame is not what I'm looking forward to but merely the journey through the world. So, I hope to set aside some time to get back into it. I just can't settle on a class, there are so many fun classes. We'll see. I always want to but I always seem to drift away. Sigh...

I'm also piddling around in Second Life. I know only a small handful of gamers who actually play, but it is relaxing. I mostly build, putter around with my land, take pretty pictures and explore sims. I rarely talk to many new people, but I have made a few new ones here and there. It is quiet game (for me) but enjoyable. I guess what interests me is the ability to do whatever. I am not the most talented builder, but I do enjoy creating items. Currently I am working on some globes, sort of like snow globes but with stars and stuff.

And, I would not of had an idea about City of steam: Arcadia (re)releasing if it were not for Bhagpuss posting about his return. It sort of just slipped my mind. Which I've flung myself back into. I loved that game. It is even better than before. We have mercenaries. Bikes are still in the game, you don't have to save up a ton of money to get the starter, you simply keep upgrading it, which is awesome. Instant cool ride! I enjoy the combat still, quick and easy. The classes are fun. This time I think I will start with a new class. More of a tanky character. The characters are still a bit crude but charming. I went with a male this time, the females are so clunky looking in the armor (it doesn't cover/stretch over areas as well as male armor). Maybe the next one will be a female, they just don't have much of a coolness factor for me. It is good to be back! Oh, and if you want some cool, FREE, headgear, cosmetic items- Think classic items we used to get in the character creation- Zam still has a few codes. I about flipped when I got one. Then again I'm a steampunk junkie. I love goggles and top hats (in games, I'd look so dorky IRL with them on). They have a list on the website, Zam is at the bottom, hats are pictured. You also get a lot of helpful things in the pack. Yep, steampunk your head!

I did have an issue logging in today, while I shared this on Twitter, I figure I'll throw it in here too. Hope things smooth out soon and we can pop back in and play soon! They say they're working on it. The other interesting  bit on the forums is... Was Mechanist hacked? Check out this thread.

I've tried to get the guys to play one of these with me but they are pretty happy with EverQuest, so I don't pester them too much. They play together and sometimes with guild members, which is nice to see them enjoying time together. They do ask me to play EQ, but right now I just feel like I've played it so long, I just can't, for now at least. I remember how burnt out I got in 2005, I ran to WoW for a change of pace and scenery. By now I just want something.... Different. Different from what I've been playing the last decade I guess.

And on the mobile front, I'm addicted to the new Heroes of Dragon Age, available on Android and iPhone. It starts out pretty smooth, gets a bit tougher as you go, but it is good. I think the game still could use a bit of tweaking, if you don't have the right lineup it can be quite rough. That, or if you have just crap luck on getting decent epic and legendary characters, you'll have a tougher time. The game is automated but it is entertaining for a phone game, there is plenty to keep tabs on. You also don't have to worry about armor upgrades, instead you upgrade your heroes. I like it, I even PvP, which is attacking people that randomly come up. THIS needs a lot of work, I'm in my teens and I'm getting matches with players forty levels higher than myself. You can decline and move on, but there is a timer, and backing out and looking again for the right match to go up against, well, it can become annoying. You really have to gauge the teams, the line up, you can pretty much gauge how you'll fare in most cases. If players don't have the heroes with a row bonus, easy win. Things like that you start to notice. And, you lose ranking for losses, more than you make with one win. Which has me pulling my hair out sometimes. But all in all it is quite a good game.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay warm, and may your adventures be full of fun and phat lootz!

My land, I ripped up everything and laid everything out again. It was basically an empty lot with sand. I just love it!

Using a greenhouse as a house, thought it gave it a very sweet feel. 

Ferrets running around, gotta have them, since we now have two IRL!

Piano in my skybox. 


Friend of mine, awesome armor he's wearing. 

Getting ready for Christmas :) 


  1. Thanks for the tip on the Zam freebie for CoS. My Goblin's wearing a top hat now!

  2. Woot, glad you got a code!! I tried a few and figured they were all gone then came back to look though them just to be sure, glad I did XD




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