Monday, December 9, 2013

City of Steam: What Are Those People Doing?

Yesterday I was noticing on my screen many characters seemed to be doing a dance. I had noticed it before but yesterday I really noticed it. Yet it wasn't a dance. Throwing some punches, stretching, weird stuff. Do they all know about some dance that I don't? Are they all in some secret fight club (nobody ever lets me in on these things). Well, this turns out to be the training part of the game, basically you can afk and get some xp while you make lunch or do the laundry... Up to twelve hours. Ahh... I see they're training! And getting xp for it, pretty cool. You gain the option after you make a purchase/subscribe. You don't actually have to purchase a sub, because it popped up right away.

I decided to grab a sub, I'm really enjoying the game and a sub is pretty cheap. Granted, if you take a day off, you don't consume that day, I like that. Don't feel pressured to play, keep things light and fun. City of Steam definitely is fun. I also got my old robot back, the cool little loot guy I got last time I played (before the relaunch). I missed him, he's so cute! And you can get some nice stuff like xp boost (instant amount consumed), weapons, rings and so on, just for adding some monies to your account. Generous, instead of adding them in as a pack instead.

I've picked up some blue mercenaries, there are the standard colors for strength- White, green, blue and purple. I mainly use the Mechanist, who has some weird/cool (I can't decide which it is) helmet covering his face and he runs around doing AE damage from range, which is handy. I really like the mercenary feature, it was a complete surprise that it was added. I guess it is nice to have a companion to wander off into the world with, I love pets and mercenaries. And they don't grub up all my money and xp! Kind of like friends, but pretend, ha! Wait...

There is always a lot to do. Dungeons, events, PvP (which I've not messed with at all). Lots and lots of events, some grant amazing xp. My favorite is the egg bash. Basically a loot pinata, bash golden eggs for tons of money. I love the music added to the event too, Dire gets mad because I turn it way up. My pet (which picks up money) will be very handy in there, as I can't always grab it all before my time ends.

So far, sitting at 17, what I like about this game is that it keeps things fun and keeps a variety of things to do. It isn't super hard, great to relax to, but it isn't stupidly easy either. You do have to try. It isn't focusing on the same things I've been doing in every other game. Questing, well, yeah. But it feels light and like I'm going places.

Speaking of places. The last time I played, the game was pretty much all instanced, except for the wilderness (does that still exist?!). Now there is so much more that is open, it is cool to see people running around questing too. So, a nice change to making the world feel less a lonely place. Plus, we're not getting charged energy every time we want to run a quest, that was a very smart move in my opinion. And the dungeon/missions are not super long, which is good for me.

Just throwing out some thoughts on the game while they are fresh in my mind. It is pretty sweet, and it has some great music (listen to the track up top). Really, you can enjoy the game for free as well, I surely did. I didn't feel restricted either. However, I wanted to support the game as I really want to see it succeed. Give it a try, let me know what you think of it!

Tip- Not sure about screenshots with the game, it being browser based but I do know dropbox will save any you take. Make sure you're in full screen mode (unlike me) or you'll get all the tabs and the bar in it also. Next time I'll trim them up, feeling a bit lazy today. 


  1. The mercenary is a total pain for taking screenshots. She always stands right on top of my goblin, or in front of whatever I'm trying to photograph. I haven't found any way to dismiss the Merc yet, either. Do you know if it's possible?

    The afk training was in the previous version too. The thing where an NPC supposedly goes round dungeons you've already done and collects any loot you missed (I may have got that a bit wrong...) is new, though.

    I much prefer the quasi-mmo open approach. With full-screen and free camera movement and people all around it really does feel like playing an MMO now, or at least as much as, say, GW1 does.

    I'm only Level 8 so far - I must get a move on. I'd like to get back to where I stopped last time, which I think was around 19 or 20. The story was getting quite interesting.

  2. I know, mine run around like chickens with their heads cut off! When you get seven or eight you get a new button (above the emotes) in the top picture it is the 6th over from the right. It might require story progress, I don't remember exactly when it popped up, I do remember it was not there, which i had hunted all over for something like it! You can dismiss and hire new mercs within this, as well as spend leveling gems to boost them up. There is quite a selection for them too, which is nice!

    I noticed the loot NPC, I was wondering just what that did, now I see, lol. Pretty handy, I'll have to check with her often, I miss things sometimes. Some things feel they have changed a bit but overall I think it is better now XD




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