Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Settling In For The Holidays

Begins to dust off the keyboard... *Sneezes* Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend, here in the US. Dire had a long, much needed, weekend. He caught up a lot in EverQuest, with my son, Nelf. I've sort of been in a weird place with MMORPGs, wondering when EQ Next/Landmark will release and Wildstar as well. I feel like I need something I haven't played for years and years. Just looking around for something to settle into for the holidays, to relax and have fun with. I'm still considering heading back to EQ2 as a main game, I can't decide which character to play, or should I try the new class?!

In EverQuest Nelf is sitting at 91 with his ranger, he's also leveled a cleric up into the 70's and is working on a mage. He's done a lot of work on his AA points, sitting around 2k. He's also gained quite a grasp on the game and has really gotten into it. Which is nice to see him enjoying it It is also nice to see Dire and him playing together. While I do play on occasion, I'm not playing regularly. I log in if they want to do something fun, playing whomever would fit in as needed. One good thing about having two accounts full of characters, lol.  

The other night we took a trip to Sleepers Tomb, which is old content. It was the big, bad boss of the Velious expansion. Only one guild was able to kill it per server, then it was gone. Which was kind of cool, as the dragon flew all over the zones killing everyone in the process of being awoken. I was logged out at the time on the Lanys server. Then again I'm not a huge fan of content that doesn't last. We traveled in and saw the place sleeper had been, so many years ago. It was a bit sad and cool at the time. As my son was only around four or five when this content was current. So he could only hope to see the sleeper in a video. Which he remembers from the old Conquest guild video floating around on the web.

I do get temped to play but I don't know, I just tend to get a little distracted and don't stick to it regularly. Mostly I log into Rift in small spurts and knock out quests. Recently they had fashion week, which was kind of neat, a daily added. This week Mech week ends, but I never got another box to open.... I'm not 60 to get them from instances and I didn't buy any from the shop. I have bad luck with lockboxes, I tend to shy away from them. The daily seemed to only award me with one. But I did manage to snag a really cool pet (pictured below). I had been thinking, just last week, how it would be so cool to get one as a pet! Perfect pet for me.

Other than that, I'm creating stuff in Second Life again. I made a few Adventure Time toys, which was a lot of fun to fiddle around with. There are lots of advent events going on, with a free gift each day, by some pretty amazing (and some of my favorite) creators. Lots of hunts too. I even took a haunted bus ride and went trick or treating with a friend for kicks, in November at that, lol. So there is always new stuff to do. I like that! I even made a little cake (free in the marketplace) for my RL birthday, yesterday. If you play you can pick one up here.

That's it for today. Safe adventures, all!

Free cake for all! Hope you like mesh!

BMO dolly I made!

LSP, because BMO needed a friend. 


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