Monday, December 16, 2013

Back Home To Norrath

In my last post I mentioned wanting to spend more time playing Vanguard. I decided to log in some and play my Necro, then I remembered she was still sitting at level 24 without her feign death spell. Which happens to be too hard for me to solo still. But-- My Disciple isn't, she can solo the stuff easily. I decided to clear out a path so that the necro could run down to the quest NPC, it shouldn't take all that long and I could finally have it finished up, as I can never seem to find a group for this. But Vanguard, being the finicky beast that it is, wasn't wanting to cooperate. The chunk kept going down and kicking me out, huge lag spikes, then a kick, repeatedly. Only to return to a full respawn of the dungeon. After over half an hour and three tries of clearing, I decided a return to Vanguard would have to wait.

I was in the mood to play a pet class. Then I thought of the new channeler class in EverQuest 2. It is a pet class but more so a healer with a pet who wields a bow. I've been wanting to try one out, just putting it off because I did not have the new expansion. You cannot boost the new channeler class to 85 with the new heroic unlock, but that is fine with me, just exploring and playing from level one means more things to do. So, for an early Christmas prezzy, that is what I wanted, the new xpac I still needed!

The new channeler class is quite fun. Very different and feels more unique than a lot of classes I've played over the years. There are interesting mechanics, such as using your pet to absorb damage and heal with. It will take some getting used to. The pet cannot be directly attacked, so it is not a tank pet. But I have a monk merc who tanks (xpac claim) who is quite amazing. You can also 'draw' essences out of mobs to fuse to your pet, such as a bat's head. It changes the look of the construct and adds a proc or bonus to stats. This reminds me of the grafts the necromancer in Vanguard gets, I loved that aspect of the game. A bit of flavor that made the class unique and fun.

Mostly I've been spending my time in the (gorgeously revamped) Frostfell wonderland, completing holiday quests and crafting goodies. There are a lot of nifty items this year! Lots of great and new quest rewards, fluff things like illusions for your pet, which really were awesome to get on my new pet class! EverQuest 2 is one of the best games to play through any holiday, it has such  a vast amount of things to do. It is nice being back with a new character, a new class, very fun for the holidays!

I'll still do some holiday stuff in Rift this year, but I think I rode the sled down the hill one too many times last year. I don't like just grinding out repetitive things for every event. I do like to quest too. And on a sad note, the sim where my land is, in SL, is shutting down. So I'll be wandering around looking for more land I suppose. Such a shame as I loved that set up I had... sigh.

Have a great week, peeps! Hope you're all enjoying the holiday events scattered over all out virtual worlds! Tune in next time :)

New sights for Frostfell, charming and impressive at the same time! 

We still have rainbow bridges to slide down :)

The construct pet.

My house and my RAF mount with a graphics glitch, heh. This house is soooo cozy!!

Frostfell wonderland.

Admiring the scenery with my new monk merc, he's aweeeesome.

King of the gobbys you say?

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