Friday, November 8, 2013

Will Blizzcon Deliver? (WoW)

Flying off into the sunset... See you next expansion. Maybe.

So, tomorrow is the big day with Blizzcon. I had planned on ordering the Virtual Ticket, then as time crept closer I just felt a bit meh about the whole thing. I'm finally rather bored with WoW again. I've even gone and cancelled my account, which runs out of time tomorrow. Even if the expansion details are fantastic, how long are we even looking at until it hits? Six months? A year? I'm guessing somewhere between the two. Zzzzz...

Then again, I've played the game from release, very heavily over the years. I wish I could be one of those people who sticks to one game but that feels so... boring. I like adventure, a change of scenery. And I'm not getting either in WoW. More raids? Meh. Small expansion continents? Meh. I want new things. Bigger things. An island? Give me a dynamic island with more to do, more rewards to work towards. Stop inflating stats so that you have to throw a big loot pinata at the end of the expansion in order to keep people. Yeah, what was it... around half a mil players lost in the last quarter? What is wrong with Blizzard? That would devastate any other game! In the end if people keep leaving at this pace it will devastate this game. Why are people leaving in droves? Wolfshead has a great article, pretty spot on.

I think it is a combination of things. I think Blizzard, as a company, the developers, the whole- flipping- package is just a bit pompous. They've gotten too big for their britches. If you look through my archives, or are a long time reader, you know how I have beaten this horse to death. That isn't the object for today's post. What I really wanted was to just play the guessing game with what may or may not be revealed at Blizzcon.

So here we have a lot of ideas, a registered trademark name (or five), lots of supposed leaks. People think we're getting an underwater world full of naga. I say, nay. I don't see that happening. Most people hate underwater zones. The burning legion? Possibly. Here are a few things I think could be what we'll hear about:

  • Time travel!  There is a rumor that we'll be going back to the Draenei land before the crash in Burning Crusade. Very possible, especially with the registered trademark- Warlords of Draenor. A lot of people have fond memories of BC, they liked the art direction, the feel of the expansion. More space goats? Could be Pandas, right? Space Pandas?! Seriously though, I mean the Draenei are a bit WoW thing, not a spin off thing, not that prominent in other Blizzard games. Just my opinion, something to consider.

  • Time travel +infinity! Do you ever wish you could go back and relive those old zones you out leveled too quickly? Those old glory days? Do those old dungeons over and over, at the proper level?! Queue up for LFD for any old dungeon and do it? Not me, but there are those who'd love this. It is nice for running with your 'lowbie' friends,  instead of power running them through as a 90. I think player scaling will be a big part of the next expansion. Not only that, but the ability to mentor down to lower levels to group with lower level players. Much like many other games already offer. Blizzard touched on this topic saying it was in the works, maybe a year or two ago?  

  • More bank space... kinda. I am thinking we may get a transmog system much like Diablo III will be getting. You only need to equip the item once and it goes into a storage window and saves, no longer needing the physical item. Which in turn frees up much, much bank space. I'd go on a limb to say armor dye or tinting, but this is Blizzard we're talking about. Maybe a year or two down the road. 

  • No new races or classes this expansion. Nope, I don't think we'll get anymore. They already stress too much about balance and have some severely shitty specs out there that they can't even get straight. You can't even play the spec you may or may not want because one HAS to be the best cookie cutter, I mean spec. They don't want more balancing this soon after the monk class. No new races because... They have player models IN THE WORKS! Do you people want a new race or new models... Down the road?! I honestly think they are scared of competing with newer games on the character models, probably keep scrapping the models, thus we're still waiting. If they announce new models at Blizzcon, I'll eat my words and surely sub again when they hit the game... See you in a few years!

  • The big squish. I think we'll see the big stat squish. We'll go down to, maybe 3k hp? Down from 500k dps, tanks with a MILLION hitpoints? How will that bode? I'm biting back sarcasm here, it is painful. I won't like it at all, people think they will, there will be so many issues with this. The game won't feel right. The point of leveling needs to be more, more, more. Not this crap. But it will happen, unless they start going the 'mega damage' route. Check out the developer's post about that here. 

I'm sure there will be some cool features, but nothing mind blowing or truly exciting. I think Blizzard needs to kick it into another direction or the game is really going to go stale. Seriously, the main focus is still raiding? The whole game revolves around raiding. Don't agree? Try to do your daily quests in blues and greens, it is painful! Those mobs were tuned for raid geared players. You might say, well, the game started with raiding. Eh, we had one raid? The game has changed so much over the years, you can't use that excuse. We need a new direction! Look how people flocked to the new island! I could offer many ideas but nobody ever asked me. I will say I think Blizzard needs to hold off on the squish, cap the game at 100 and branch out at 100, not keep climbing up. Else it will destroy the game as they make the older content such a blur that it is meaningless. I suppose it is working for Blizzard knows what they are doing. Or do they? With the losses to the player base over the last two years alone? Can Blizzard deliver this year? Will they milk MoP another six months? We'll soon see. 


  1. Isn't the talent that made WoW huge not even there anymore? I ask as someone that never played past level ten, but it seems that would explain a lot.

  2. Yes, it is gone in the way it worked. Now you pick one of three at certain level brackets, leaving a lot less room for choices. While I like it, I do miss some of the multi-speccing options we had years ago. I loved it when I could spec blood as a DK and have a pet too, not the best spec but fun. Things like that are missed. There is always Rift for choices I suppose!




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