Friday, November 8, 2013

Warlords of Draenor

I was right about a couple of things with the next WoW expansion, the Draenor Planet, and time travel, oh and the item squish. As everyone has heard by now, Warlords of Draenor is the next WoW expansion. So we get a version of player housing, basically a step up from the farm. New models, delivered in installments? Because I only see three showing right now. So what all do we get? Here's the most prominent things announced today.

  •  Time travel and a new continent, with the old Burning Crusade feel. Playing the nostalgia card. I'll bite. I really did love the feel of TBC zones. From what we have seen, the artwork is quite lovely- Shadowmoon Valley looks gorgeous. It will be a nice change from Panda land. Time travel? Eh, not that inspiring. More spacegoats and red orcs? Still not super inspiring. Will they even have the new models? I guess the orcs will. 

  • New models. Yes! They only have three to show. Kind of depressing, I'm thinking only a few will be released and the rest will be released with future patches. I will say these models look awesome, they fit into the World of Warcraft universe and look smooth. But, still they should all be released at the launch of the expansion honestly, don't half ass it. 

  • Housing. Rejoice player housing enthusiasts! We will be getting a garrison where we can collect NPC characters to craft for us and go on missions. We'll have a little bit of choice on design it looks like. Is it true housing or just a step up from the farm? Okay, maybe it isn't player housing like EverQuest II, or Rift's dimensions, but it does look interesting, I'll admit that. It feels more like what I have seen for Wildstar. Better than nothing, functional housing seems like it could be fun. But what happens when the next expansion hits. We leave it behind like the farm and all our 'friends' we made there? And they are also phased, these little garrisons.

  • Item squish? I read it on WoW Insider. All I can say is gross. Yay, let me get to level 100 to feel like it did two expansions ago, joy, joy, joy. Probably the biggest reason I'll never take this game seriously again. You can't undo how a game feels, it just isn't right. Oh yeah, we're time traveling... We lost some hitpoints on the way back through time. That's just me, I don't get excited losing hitpoints and stats with an expansion. 

So, those are the biggest things. MMO Champ has a huge pile of posts I need to sort through. Things got kind of dry for a bit but it seems more info is flooding in with the Q&A panel stuff. Massively and WoW Insider also have some great coverage too. So glad that we were able to get a play by play from all these gaming sites (many thanks), those of us not attending or watching. It was exciting to be able to pick up my phone and still share in on the excitement. I was excited to hear the announcement. I did almost order the virtual ticket at the last minute, but I still had second thoughts. We'll be able to delve over everything for days and weeks now. 

There are new raids, new instances, a new raid mode, which is harder than heroic. LFR will scale much like Flex, cool. So will normal and heroic modes... I don't really care about raiding anymore, LFR feels so dead and ruined. Will this kill LFR off? My ass hurts just thinking about raiding. I can't sit still long enough. LFR was a boon in my eyes. We really need this many modes? 

All in all it sounds like a decent expansion. Nothing earth shattering. I will probably go back, boost an alt to 90, play one of my mains to cap, play with the garrison then head back to whatever it is I was playing before. At this point that's my guess. I will probably be playing it alone, once again, because my family has mostly all quit. I have zero interest in raiding anymore, and I don't feel like being left behind because I don't want to. The artwork looks great, more polish overall to the game. It is all solid for an expansion, but just not really all that exciting. I do give Blizzard props for the lovely models and the garrison. They really look great and I know the team works hard on this game. I just can't help but feel underwhelmed. How do you feel about the future WoW expansion? 

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  1. they fit into the World of Warcraft universe and look smooth. But, still they should all be released at the launch of the expansion honestly, don't half ass it. wod 6.2




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