Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Living In The Story: GW2

This week I'm dabbling in GW2 a bit, trying to catch up on the Living Story before the next part comes out. GW2 is good in small bursts, it really can be fun, but sometimes it starts to get under my skin. Like the living story, where I'm confused on where to go now and will have to look it up, meh, I hate looking up things to progress. But all in all I'm having fun, bopping around on a few characters, creeping the main towards 80.

The team introduced a change to Kessex Hills with this part of the Living Story, which is cool, sort of. Part of me really likes this change. The other part cringes when I try to do some of the events and the zerg is halfway across the map, I end up getting clobbered by about ten mobs. And these new mobs are not pushovers, some of them are pretty tough and it seems they spawn 'hallucinations'- on top of that you have to 'finish' some of them, like you would a player in PvP. Interesting idea, but nothing special. More of an annoyance if you are swamped with mobs. No, it is a real pain in the ass, if you want me to be honest. I do like the new look, the feel to the zone, lots of people all over, you just have to find them and run with the pack. In the solo part, or alone, it gets quite annoying trying to 'finish' the mobs while getting beat on and knocked off. Sure, lots of action, but that doesn't always equal fun.

Dire was locked out of his account, and support was giving him a tough time, which I told him to call them, not to bother with email support. I think he may end up buying a new account. He seems tempted to play, he is suffering from WoW burnout currently. It is nice to jump into a fresh world, something you've been gone from, I think it will do him some good if he decided to start playing again. Heck, I think I'd even go as far to play the first GW with him if he was up for it, just downloaded it today, nostalgia.

I also like the Living Story, how it changes up every two weeks. I think that is something to look forward to. I might miss some of it but when I do play I have something new to go check out. I do wish the parts were permanent, so you could go back with alts or to those you may have missed. I really wish they'd change the temporary stuff, it isn't going to make people log in because they are scared of missing it. At least it doesn't cause me to run back to the game especially for it.

All in all I'm mostly enjoying GW2, it is a beautiful game, a nice change of scenery, I can always pop in and check things out. For now it is a good side game, maybe things will change at 80, we'll have to wait and see. There is plenty to do, plenty to see, I suppose that is what keeps me coming back. In the end the 'living' content is nice to look forward to but I'm still not sold on it.

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