Sunday, November 3, 2013

(Mobile) Upgrade Time!

Over the weekend my poor Samsung Galaxy S2 saw a bitter end, being broken beyond repair. I was pretty bummed out because it really was a solid phone. I've had it for quite awhile happy it was so good that I didn't feel the need to upgrade yet, Dire had asked me a few months ago but I figured we could wait because I still didn't see a need to. So, yeah, I was pretty bummed that mine broke.

So, we went out to pick out a new one, T-Mobile had a sale going this week and there were some decent deals. I've through about switching carriers but I really love my unlimited, it has always been a thing we absolutely need and they've offered it before other carriers did. I'm a heavy phone user, I use my phone for everything. I was looking at the new Note but it was a bit larger to carry around with me everywhere as I do. Plus, I  am a huge fan of the Galaxy series, I really love the phones. So in the end, everyone knew I was only looking at the other ones and would end up with the S4, lol. There you have it, I knew it too, but I still had to look. So, I'm now a proud new owner of the S4, and I'm absolutely loving it.

My brother is a die hard iPhone user. Personally all the limitations and the lack of being able to tweak things turns me off with the iPhone, but they are really nice. I think it is also hard to switch from something you've used for years. He briefly tried the new LG G2 and it was niiiice. But he ended up deciding he didn't like Android as much as iPhone. I am the exact opposite. I think Android is better for people who like to tinker and tweak things, change things around, while iPhone is better for a more user friendly easy streamlined phone experience. Which I love doing, tinkering, changing things up with my phone. I like customizing my phone.

Back to the actual phone, it is really awesome. I went with the white version, it comes in white and grey/slate colors. My last one was white too. They had some spiffy cases, I found a really neat one that was aqua with sparkles, woo! It also comes with a headset, which my last one did not, and a nice new charger. My cat loves to chew charger cords and headset cords (Salem) so I'll have to keep these away from him! It is a nice bump up in performance, really smooth. I also loved how within minutes of getting home all my apps were already downloaded, my phone numbers (previous phone was destroyed so all I could get was the sim card), everything was downloaded and I really didn't have to do much at all to feel back at home with my new Galaxy. The battery seems a LOT better. I had to buy a big, ugly extended battery for the old one, it was huge but it was very needed. This battery seems to be doing me well thus far. I really don't want to have to get another extended battery as this phone looks so good, slim and light feeling as well.

What else is nice about this one? The camera is more responsive, which is something I love about my brother's iPhone, the camera is fantastic for taking a lot of quick shots right at the exact moment without any delay. The air view is sort of neat, basically wave your hand in front of the phone to move the screen, will take getting used to.

The sound is pretty good, not tinny at all. The color is vibrant on the screen, watching videos on the slightly larger screen is pretty enjoyable. All in all I am pretty stoked about this new gadget. I am one of those people that has to have a phone for everything. It is just so handy, when you don't have it you really miss it like your left arm has gone missing! Having a really great phone like this makes it all the better, I'm so happy. There's a running joke with my family, because Dire broke my phone, everyone asks him to break theirs so they can get a new one too, lol. He was good to take me out the next day to pick out a new one, I was like a kid bouncing around, waiting to go to the toy store.

I've not really found many games lately that I've been very interested in. I hope to try a few out and see if I find anything tempting. Feel free to recommend some in the comments. I do browse games a lot on the market but never see anything that really catches my eye. The ones I try never seem to stick with me.

Have a great week, I look forward to posting about some new games later on in the week.

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