Friday, November 1, 2013

Day of The Dead

Day of The Dead was always a cool little event in WoW, nothing really that exciting. It was also a major let down to get the little skeleton pet and only have him for a couple of days. This year he is permanent. So I definitely had to log in to do the quest for him. Except I did it before on my main, either you can only do it once (previous years) or it was bugged. It was also bugged on my alts in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. I could not pick up the quest in either city. So, I logged in my monk, making sure it was a fresh and new character, headed to Dalaran. That worked. This event is only here for a short time if you want the pet.

So, if you're getting frustrated because you can't pick up the quest, try Dalaran. It sort of ticked me off to waste so much time on such a trivial one quest holiday. The holiday is neat, the idea rather, but I was only on for the pet. Which is awesome, he dances XD

Other than that maybe I'll head back into LFR to try for a weapon this week. In Rift I'll be decorating my clerics house with some of the fun Halloween housing items I picked up. Then working my way to thirty. I've gotten a few levels, the bonus xp week was pretty nice. I might also putter around in GW2 before the creepy festivities go away, I need some more levels anyhow.

I feel like a lost spirit wandering from MMO to MMO some days, lol. Ah, happy Day of The Dead!


  1. A little late to share this. (Hope everyone was able to get their awesome pet! SO EXCITED the damn thing is finally permanent, it's always been my favorite.) Anyways, the totally not obvious trick with this holiday is that you have to go to that character's racial city to do the quest. Gotta talk to your specific ancestors. But since so very many races CAN do it in Org and Stormwind, it's confusing to watch lots of people walk up to the questgiver, when they won't give you anything. This year I was able to complete it on new and old characters, so you can next year too!

  2. Gah, this comment flew past me. Silly filter. Yes, I didn't figure that out about the home city until after it all. I wanted to do a huge face palm that I completely forgot about that!




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