Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hanging In There

Sorry for the lack of posting here on the blog. Our beloved ferret, Gwin, got loose and broke my heart. We've been trying to put out posters and touch base with people who may have seen him, we're always a few days late, as time goes by it seems we'll never see his sweet little face again. You couldn't ask for a sweeter pet. He was my little buddy, oh how I miss him!

On top of that I'm still recovering from some very painful dental surgery. Add in some other unexpected things like the cashier at McDonalds making a copy of Dire's credit card and having a shopping spree... It has been bit eh... busy. Be careful when you hand your card over to anyone! But I'm hanging in there :) Hopefully things will balance out this week. I know I sure need a break from reality sometimes thus I've been looking forward to Halloween in my games.

Halloween is always a fun distraction. Sadly, this year in WoW there are no new quests, no new rewards either. I already have the achievements so there really isn't much incentive to do anything besides hit up the treat buckets for a little extra cash and try for the mount. I love holiday events and I think the more they grow and are added to in a game, with each year, the more there is to look forward to. I do wish there was a little bit to look forward to with WoW holidays for older players.

For now WoW has the most playtime still. It is easy to get in and get going on something, always plenty to do. I run the new raids each week, though sometimes it is hard to get through them. I am having pretty horrible luck for a new weapon, which really grinds my nerves. Most of the time we have some really horrible people that ruin the runs for me. People making fun and complaining about the tanks or the healers, the scrubs, they like to call them. *cringes*

More often than not it is a person who is preforming horribly, standing in the fire and all that goes along with not caring, doing the worst performance wise. Last night we actually got a great group, it was actually a good run. We had the tanks leave before the end but everyone was in good spirits and most waited it out for the last boss, on new tanks to show. Which was over half an hour of waiting. I ended up making a friend from another server, we struck up a conversation about transmogs, which was pretty cool. Not something that happens often, new friends in WoW.

Back to the Halloween topic, I am really looking forward to digging into EverQuest 2's holiday this year. I haven't felt well enough to really do more than putter around, until today. There are no new quests but there are plenty of great old ones and other instances with new rewards. There are even a few holiday themed items I want from the cash shop, though they are a tad overpriced. I boosted my Necromancer, on my other account, to 85- So I'll probably be playing her through the holiday event mostly. I've been wanting to play a necro again for awhile, so I figure this is one of the more enjoyable versions of the class [in any of my games]. The pets look cool, they have neat abilities, and the class is very solid.

I also need to check out the GW2 holiday event, it looks pretty fun with a few new things to look forward to. All depends on how I'm feeling. I'm also wanting to check into a few other holiday events this month. Are there any games that you look forward to this time of year, any events you must participate in? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to know what you will be doing this month for Halloween goodness!


  1. /hugs. I hope you find Gwin safe and sound soon.

    I must admit I was a bit disappointed with Hallows End this year, I wish Blizzard would keep updating it even if it was just a new coloured version of the feline familiar.

  2. Ty, looking back through posts this one must have eaten my reply! Meh, I am going to have to look into that, been happening more and more! /hugs ty so much Erinys, we eventually found him! Some kind folks at Petco found him and contacted us!




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