Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eye Candy- Treasures

My spooky, kooky pumpkin I carved for my brother . I really need some of those snazzy tools, my mom's kitchen knife was such a pain to use, lol.

EQ2, flying high in Velious. Just love the Heroic Character mounts!

Four year anniversary gift in EQ2.  Billy doll illusion, always wanted one. You can buy them with loyalty tokens now but it was pretty cool to finally be able to claim it.

Noodles, get your fresh, hot noodles! I managed to get rolling on the noodle cart cooking quest, yay! Heri there sampling some of those noodles, which stack up to five. 

Drop my bow... Illidan. Really like how this pic turned out.

Cloud serpent training is NOT going to be account wide, I read recently. Phooey! I decided to get my hunter her faction and mount/riding as well. 

Just a neat shot flying through some of the older areas. 

Fishing. I love this raft, which is available through the anglers faction. It is awesome, like having your own boat, kind of, lol. 

I love the valley, like something out of a storybook. 

Since making my own Blingtron 4000, I finally got something cool- Little Bling! This is one of the cutest pets :)

Algalon in Ulduar. 

I love rainy days.

And for those of you who may remember the kitty I rescued, a few months back. Thought I'd give an update on her, below. This was her when we found her.

She is doing quite well. She is loving, well behaved and sleeps in her kitty bed a lot. She is getting better every day. The, monsters, I mean neighbors, behind me, decided to throw her out, my mother found out. She is also fourteen years old! Imagine that, throwing out your old pet, as if it were the trash? She is missing most of her teeth, she has no idea how to hunt, and is very fragile but recovering. The reasons she was put out? She was said to pee all over the house and fight with the other cats. Which is funny, as she is very humble towards my other two, and is a good girl with the potty box. I fear the damage done to her may have shortened her lifespan, but we will care and love her until her last breath. My pretty kitty princess, Trixie- She is my little treasure.

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