Saturday, October 26, 2013

MOAR Halloween Plz!

Oh, Magic Broom, please don't leave me.... Stay with me forever.  My favorite mount in the game, sadly only avail for a short time each year.

This week has been a bit slow for gaming. I've been playing when I feel up to it. Trying to do LFR, in WoW, has been a right pain. While many people are raving over the new flex raid (If you're not in the know: Flex is a difficulty which scales, sitting between looking for raid and normal difficulty) I think it really hit LFR hard. Sure, I could sit down and join a flex raid with OQ, or join a more active guild. My brother and Dire both use OQ but I generally sit down for spurts and want to just hop in the queue when I can. I like LFR, I don't want any more than that. I like that I can raid casually, but that is all I have in me these days. I've been with my guild for around two years or so now, while it is small I don't want to leave it. So I suffer the pain that is LFR, many times not being able to complete runs in a single sitting. Either you get a good run or you don't. Last week we had a great run at one point, but it was a terribly long run. I've been sick and I just can't sit there without breaks for long periods :(

I am still glad LFR is a viable option for content for casual players. However, I have the worse luck trying to get a new weapon! It really seems by the time I get one from the new content it will probably be time for the expansion to hit. The way the modifiers on abilities work in WoW is heavily dependent on weapon damage, thus I am really suffering because of it. While my hunter's ilevel climbs, I still take a 'penalty' for the weapon I'm sporting. A buddy of mine has every bow that drops in the new raids, talk about luck. I just would settle for one. RNG truly hates me.

I still have fun moments in WoW. With Heri and Necro, at the shrine, being silly.

Which leads to a feeling of meh sometimes. Nothing new on the holiday scenes, everything is raid centered these days. Yet I still find myself logging in, I still enjoy the game. I suppose I wish wow wasn't so.... cookie cutter? There feels no mystery to the game anymore, it feels so small. But on a good note, I will be creating my Sky Golem mount tomorrow!! Very exciting for me, to have actually worked up my tradeskill and saved up enough money for the combine! I am horrible at tradeskills but I have been trying to be better with the hunter, since I did work so hard on engineering, years ago.

I've been dabbling in EQ2 a little bit. Last night I finally got my spells situated on my necromancer, which took me ages to get around to actually doing. Ugh... Do I have to?! I'm working on Halloween stuff, and there is a lot, many fun rewards. I suppose what has hindered me the most is that this account needs me to unlock a lot of things still, from the cash shop, like mercs. I don't have to- but for me to be happy playing, there are a few things I will need. I think that is part of why I stick to WoW, just one upfront payment a month. That and I can be really impulsive with shiny things in cash shops! Then again I do like the option to buy fun stuff sometimes :)

My own PoFear!? Fire walls and all XD

EQ2 has two really awesome housing additions for the holiday season. The first one I checked out was a version of the Plane of Fear. Which is totally cool, coming from the first EverQuest game. I loved that zone back in the day when it was a current raid zone. So being able to have the option to own it as one's personal residence is quite cool in my eyes! It is really snazzy looking. But the new Fright Manor is also quite awesome, that is the one that really caught my eye. My own haunted house to have year round?! It is reallllly hard to resist this one.

Plus, it has been nice to focus on some more festive stuff, instead of worrying about raids and drops, especially when I have been feeling like utter garbage in real life. It is nice and relaxing to just have a change of scenery and a change of pace. To get excited about holiday fluff. Moar Halloween plz! This really has to be one of my favorite events to get excited about since my days in EverQuest. The first 'seasonal' event I ever participated in was for Halloween. Werewolves would spawn, all kinds of spooky waves of mobs, it was so awesome. They had some cool drops too. Since then I've been hooked.

That is about it for today. Safe adventures! Stay spooky ;)

Fright Manor gates, can't wait to get my hands on this house!

Perfect creepy house for a necro!

Inside, while rather small it is cozy.

Behind the house- a murky, little pool.

My pet and I. A fun feeling class for Halloween XD. Probably my most favorite class in any MMO.  

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