Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm Only Happy When It Rains


This week WoW's patch 5.4 has hit. I'm not messing with any of the raids besides LFR, and really I'm not very hyped over that. Just because I have so much going on, not that the raid doesn't look interesting. I've mostly been playing around on the new Timeless Isle. Which I really have some mixed feelings about. As for the new leader of the Horde? I won't spoil it and say who, you can watch it here. I will say, I love this character, I saw it coming! I've also played the Horde heavily over the years, so I may be biased.

Timeless Isle is basically a loot pinata. It is raining loot! Open your bags and head out to catch it. I will say I found way more loot dropping the first day, seems not as heavy since, then again it could be me remembering all the chests (which rarely respawn). My hunter is pretty decked out now, she was in dire need of new gear. I am still trying to fill out several slots on my lock but she is not shabby at all, much better off than the hunter. If you need gear for an alt, the isle is the way to go. Right now it is great, you don't have to wade through so many mobs, you can tag some rares, get some loot, grab some chests, do some daily quests.

My new pet.

The Isle is fun, but it does start to get boring after cycling my main and two alts through it. My lock is looking more and more favorable here also. These mobs are not quite melee friendly, the lock just mows through it all. Feral wasn't fun at all (yay, I gained a feral set with the loot here), hunter wasn't too bad but the pet died quite a lot. The lock just cut through the mobs, those chumps didn't even have a chance, so mostly, if solo, I just use her. The armor is also BOA, which is pretty sweet. The difficulty of the isle is a bit steep for the characters that would mostly benefit; fresh 90's and alts needing gear. When things die down, it won't be so pretty in some areas.

Explore at your own risk!

A lot of the mobs have nasty attacks that can easily kill players in a couple of shots if passed by at the wrong time. Run over a fire path the mob has thrown down, just strolling on your merry way, you might be strolling right back up again. You have to really be on your toes sometimes. Relaxing? Not quite. But all in all I do like the island, I think it is great, though a bit too small for us all.  It does give me something else to do and I am glad I was able to gear up the hunter and fill out the warlock there. That's my 2cp.

Pretty princess scepter... Necro style. 

Still playing GW2, yep. I sort of got hooked again, it is just so relaxing. I wanted to play my paladin up in Vanguard (for my side game, and I will at some point) but until I get a heal, I am really on my toes constantly. It isn't always relaxing as something on the side, especially when I really just want to veg out. Sometimes GW2 takes up rank as the more played game lately. I explore, get xp, craft get xp, and so on. Speaking on crafting, I've worked up several professions, I enjoyed it while getting tons of xp!

Shot in game.

GW2 has some great visuals, plus I like the daily list, gives me a goal. I also like to complete maps, do puzzles and explore. I'm sitting at 67 with my necro, I'm so proud that I am getting closer to the cap! I look forward to the new event heading in, it is all fresh and new to me, so I do hope I can participate. I also look forward to the LFG system being implemented also.

That is it for today, have a great weekend!

Summon that pirate ship!

Don't put me down plz! Yes, the goal is to NOT have some random person attack the bird and cause you to land. Easy way to travel for a quest and some hard to reach areas. Simply attack bird, stop attacking, it will pick you up and fly off.

Proving grounds. I'm not sure if I do or don't like this yet. Seems like after you get the title, sort of boring. No real rewards I know of, besides titles, but I could be wrong.

Just lovely! I can almost breathe in the cool, crisp fall air.


Kiss mah grits. I was a piggy with a curly tail. 

Victory dance, when I hit 65.

I love the ambient weather. At least I get to see rain in a game.... since it never rains here in Houston :X

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