Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Four Years, Time Flies!

Last month marked four years for this blog, yay! I've been wanting to do a post but I don't really have anything different/ meaningful to say about it, lol. I appreciate the readers who do stick around and visit. I definitely always appreciate it when people take the time out of their busy days to comment, I know how hard it can be to keep up and take the time to do so! So thank you, thanks for even poking in here and reading my rambles! This summer also makes 13 years since I first 'virtually' stepped into my first MMO, EverQuest.

What has four years brought? Well, this entry will make 1,157 posts. The fact that I've stuck with it still baffles me. I am very proud that I have, still there are times I feel I can't keep up, that maybe I should quit- I just try to do what I can; because in the end I love it. I love reading, writing, playing and sharing games and the things that happen in these wonderful online worlds! Plus, who'd I show all my screenshots to?!!

Since my first few posts, what has changed or stayed the same? I still have a love hate relationship with WoW. I love the game, hate the constant changes to classes and how things work in general. I honestly do love the game. It is fluid, polished and easy to get into. I found a great love for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, though I can never seem to get to the cap, one day I plan on changing that! I sometimes eat my words, especially as with Guild Wars 2, which I am enjoying once again. Sometimes you have to take things for what they are to enjoy them! I always find myself missing EverQuest, when things felt more simple, I just wish combat didn't cause me to get so sleepy... How the years have changed things!

Recently I had someone ask my what I did in WoW if I didn't raid. My raiding days were long over before this blog. I did raid through WoTLK, which was actually fun, but my days of sitting there tied to a raid are long over. Truly. I have no desire for that these days. What do I do? Professions, exploring for treasures, may it be achievements, mounts, rares. I do daily quests, pet battles and just putter around. I've found I am very casual anymore, I enjoy it. I like to excel and work with other people, I just can't sit still for too long, lol. My poor heart took enough stress from the days of EverQuest. I like it laid back now.

Anyhow, a few new things this week. Patch 5.4, we've had more of a taste of the isle in WoW. I really can't complain about the isle, it gives us something else to do. I think I will also do LFR with the new raid, SoO. I'm gearing up my alts, which has been pure bliss to someone who just likes to play and explore instead of raiding much (besides LFR). The isle is over crowded, you can't always tag a rare in time (um, most the time), and the rares have diminishing returns on loot (less each time). But I still have to say I enjoy something else to do. The isle has been fun, mindless in some ways, but good ways. I've been able to gear up my warlock and hunter and enjoy playing them. I'm finally able to take a break on the druid without having to spend loads of time getting back into my alts. The warlock is taking the lead, it is still awesome, even with all the changes that came to the class in 5.4, I do miss many things still. Grrr.

GW2 has another chapter of the living story out- Tequatl Rising. A big, meanie dragon. Really, it is mean. To the point where I was pretty let down. Finally I get high enough to try some higher level content and our server cannot take down this boss! That, the horrible AE crud all over and the fish heads, which instant kill you. Yes, fish heads. Exactly what they sound like, giant fish heads that kill you instantly if you run over one. Lovely. I was a bit underwhelmed at this event, but there are other things to do. If it were my main game I'd probably be more annoyed. So, we'll see how it goes doing the weekly for the cosmetic wings. I need to get going with that. I got to see a dragon. Cool? Cool screenshots I suppose.

Mostly I've been playing WoW, soaking up the new isle and working on my lock. Dire and Nelf (my son), have been playing a lot with me and it has really been fun. I enjoy that. What happened to FFXIV? I just got sidetracked, RL got very busy. Things with the house still, family visiting from out of state and so on. So a new game that requires more time really fell off the table. I need to log in and just get back into it! I managed to log into Vanguard and putter on my pally, because sometimes I just HAVE to have my old-school MMO fix. None of this dodging crap, none of those bright circles and silly things on the ground which require lightning reflexes. It was nice. I managed to get my paladin a level, woo.

That is it for this week. Thanks for visiting, as always!


  1. Grats on the anniversary! Even if I do not comment I always read the blog as I appreciate the screenshots and the game session updates.

    Is EQ2 mostly on the backburner for you now that you're back into WoW?

  2. Thanks, Telwyn!

    I was just thinking about EQ2 today, I miss housing. I'm (much like you) mostly waiting for the option to start an alt when the 'instant 80' (is it, 80, I forget already) option comes out, lol. I want to play something new so that will give me a chance to not have to do some of the content I've done many times before. I also am curious about the new class too, looks interesting.

  3. ..And I logged in with the wrong google account. Too early in the am :p

  4. Gratz on the anniversary, Kaozz :) It's been a pleasure to read your blogs!
    I too, get the itch to play EQ2 sometimes! Something about that game just draws me back in every year or so!
    I'm really looking forward to EQNext and hoping that it will be my next great obsession I've been waiting for in an MMO!!!

    Take care,

  5. I'm not dead! Glad to see you're still having fun. Found a lil tidbit for you while I was browsing today.


    Interesting to say the least.

  6. Thank you , Boon! I really look forward to seeing how EQN turns out, hope it still has the EQ feel, but with a refreshing spin!

    Text me, Rak. I lost all my contacts recently, need to add you back :) I saw that about D3, kind of weird. Seems a bit late to change things now. Wonder how many people will be upset about the change.

  7. Congrats, here's to four more awesome years!!!




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