Friday, September 20, 2013

Eye Candy- The Little Things

The way the light hits at that certain time of the day, in Vanguard Saga of Heroes.  Nothing like it.

Stealthing on a roof, under the moon. I love sneaky classes!

You're sending me into a graveyard, under a full moon? Yeah, right up my alley for a starting zone!

SoO raid. 

Necro and I on our raptor mounts.

Yarrr! Pirates day!

Nelf and I playing around with fireworks outside Ironforge.

Visiting old haunts-Arathi. 

Honoring heroes- Uther. 

Heri and I on the Timeless Isle.

Waiting on Hulon!

So close to getting my very own cloud serpent, yes, I have been slack.

Fishing in the rain.
Dire, Money and I showing off some of our favorite mounts. 


  1. Did you buy your new graphics card in one of those mysterious shops that you suddenly notice in a side-street you walk down every day but which you can never find again? I only ask because it seems to have magical properties. Those WoW screens look as if the game got a whole new graphical engine.

  2. Hehe, it is like playing a different game as far as looks go sometimes. I finally broke down and invested in a really good card. I'd burn through them several times a year and sort of got cheap because I got tired of replacing them. Then again if I hadn't been cheap and always put off getting a really nice one, I wouldn't have had the problem.

    This one has really made playing all my games so much more enjoyable. It feels weird playing with the shadows on in games, something I've always gotten out of the habit of doing!

  3. Have you heard anything good about Wildstar? I'm kinda hoping to play that one. I tried Mortal Online but for a game that old it's got some game-breaking bugs. Revisited Planeshift, but had graphical problems with grass rendering on top of all the grass for 100 yards on the other side of hills was rendering seeming in the air in front of me and blocking my view. I've got the itch again so I've been hopping around... can you tell? >.>

  4. Well, I'm fully into FFXIV. To be honest I almost quit when I got to the level 15-20 spot in the main quest that has you run 3 dungeons back to back. Duty finder took over an hour on the first one alone. I was ranting and raving about having to get a group to advance the main quest at such a low level. I slept on it, and the next day I realized that I was being hypocritical since I frequently bash MMOs for not giving me any incentive to group while leveling. Not to mention my nostalgia for old EQ days.

    So I gave it another go and I'm having fun. I even got a group for one of the dungeons outside of duty finder. Thankfully it still counted for the main quest even though the objective is "Use the Duty Finder to enter such-and-such" I'm the right level to get a chocobo but I'm not quite there on the main quests. I was doing a lot of side quests up until about level 10, when I realized I would want those for my subclass leveling. I love that I can potentially have every class on one character. They even have a subscription option for 1 char slot per server instead of the default 8, I'm assuming at a lower cost. I might look into it since I can't see playing an alt anytime soon.

    Anywho, whatcha up to? This is the latest post and it's ooooold. :p




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